{Descended from the 1630 immigrant, Charles Morehead (1609-1692)}

  Simon Bolivar Buckner, a son of Aylett and Elizabeth Ann Buckner, was born on 01 April 1823 at Hart County, Kentucky.(7.43) He grew up and decided to take up a career in the military. Simon became a cadet at West Point circa 1841.

  A classmate of Simonís at West Point was Ulysses S. Grant. The two served together in the Mexican War (1846-1848). Other classmates of Simon while he was West Point included Ambrose Burnside, A.P. Hill, Winfield S. Hancock, Thomas J. Jackson, George B. McClellan, George E. Pickett, Alfred Pleasorton, William S. Rosecrans, and George Stoneman ~ individuals he would later interact with when the War Between the States erupted. After his graduation in 1844, Simon taught at the academy.

  When the American Civil War began, Simon Bolivar Buckner held the position of Inspector General of the Kentucky Militia. He was offered a commission in the Union Army, but refused it. In September 1861, he was appointed to the rank of Brigadier General of the Confederate Army and was given command of the garrison at Fort Donelson between the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers near the Kentucky / Tennessee border. As fate would have it, in February of 1862 Union General Ulysses S. Grant began the first major campaign in the West, pushing southward along the Tenessee River in an attempt to gain control of the Mississippi Valley. The assault on Fort Donelson was fierce, and Buckner proposed an armistice. His old West point buddy, Grant, would hear nothing of it. He offered ďno terms except the unconditional and immediate surrenderĒ of the garrison. Grant took 15,000 prisoners, including Simon. In August 1862 he gained his freedom in an exchange program. The battle at Fort Donelson would be the last time that Simon B. Buckner and Ulysses S. Grant would communicate directly. Twenty-three years later, though, they would meet again when Buckner would be asked (and agree) to serve as a pallbearer at Grantís funeral. Other pallbearers for Grantís coffin were Joseph E. Johnston and the Union Generals, Philip H. Sheridan and William T. Sherman.

Simon Bolivar Buckner at the start of the Civil War
From the website, The Generals Of The American Civil War by Mikel Uriguen
~ http://www.genealsandbrevets.com

  During the Civil War, Simon Bolivar Buckner performed admirably. Buckner was given command of the 3rd Division of the Army of the Tennessee and led that corps in the Battle of Perryville in August 1862. Buckner distinguished himself as a Major General in the Army of the Tennessee under Braxton Bragg, leading a corps of three divisions in the left wing under General Longstreet in the Battle of Chickamauga in September 1863. In September 1864 as a Lieutenant General, Buckner served as General Kirby Smithís chief of staff.

  Simon Bolivar Buckner was married twice. His first marriage was to Mary Jane Kingsbury on 02 May 1850. Simon and Mary gave birth to two children: Lily, born 07 March 1858; and Henry, born circa 1862 and died two years later. Simonís second marriage was to Delia Hayes Claiborne on 10 June 1885 at Richmond, in King George County, Virginia. Delia was a great-niece of George Washington, and was relted to the Lees and Carters of Virginia. She was also a direct descendant of William Claiborne, who was the prime force in establishing the Kent Island settlement. The couple gave birth to one child, a son: Simon Bolivar Buckner Jr., born 18 July 1886.

  Simon Bolivar Buckner was elected to serve as the Governor of the state of Kentucky in the year 1887. He served until 1891. His term in office was notable for his endeavors to standardize the parole and school systems of Kentucky. Then, in 1896 Simon ran (albeit unsuccessfully) for the seat of vice president of the United States with the Democrat presidential nominee, John M. Paimer.

Simon Bolivar Buckner
From the website, The Generals Of The American Civil War by Mikel Uriguen
~ http://www.genealsandbrevets.com

  Simon Bolivar Buckner died on 08 January 1914 at Hart County, Kentucky. Prior to his death, Simon Bolivar Buckner was noted as being the last surviving general of the three highest ranks from either side, Union or Confederacy. Delia died on 03 March 1932 at Louisville, in Jefferson County, Kentucky.