There are some families for which we possess records, whose surname is a variation of Muirhead, and which consist of only a single or a couple generations, whose place of residence cannot be identified, and who cannot (at this point) connect their lineage to that of Willielmo de Muirhead. This section is included to encompass those families.(6.2)

  It should be noted that in most cases the reason these bits and pieces of families cannot be identified is due to the refusal of Susan Shaw, the manager of the Muirhead Clan Society database, to disclose information about individuals who are currently living. Her obstinance has made it difficult for me to make sense of certain lineages. Preventing the birth, marriage and death dates from being available is one thing. But there is no logical reason for Ms. Shaw to make the birth, marriage and death places unavailable. It is regrettable that these families / individuals cannot be associated with other Muirheads residing in either the Scottish homeland or one of the other places of settlement. But I could not convince Ms. Shaw and/or the president of the Muirhead Clan Society, Raymond L. Morehead, to let me have all of the information, despite the fact that this history of the Muirhead Clan was intended to be the definitive history.

Please note that within this webpage, paragraphs are preceeded by "Muirhead tartan" icons which bear numbers denoting the generation from the line's progenitor {the progenitor always being generation #1}. For example: The icon shown to the right would be used to denote the grandchildren of the line's progenitor, i.e. generation #3.

Descendants Of ----- and Doris Moorehead

  A woman by the name of Doris Dile married ----- Moorehead. They gave birth to a daughter: Dawn. Dawn Moorehead married Joe E. Street. The Muirhead Clan Society database privitized the file so that the date of birth and place of birth would not be known.

Descendants Of ----- and Bridget Riley

  Bridget Moorhead married ----- Riley. Nothing further is known about Bridget or her husband.

Descendants Of Donald and Linda Morehead

  Donald Lee Morehead married Linda Lee Gross. Linda was a daughter of Grover Gross and Edna Worstell. They gave birth to: Donald Lee Jr., and Bryon Lee.

    Donald Lee Morehead Jr., son of Donald and Linda Morehead, married Tamara Jo Waggoner. They gave birth to: Charles Ethan.

    Bryon Lee Morehead, son of Donald and Linda Morehead, married Mary Jane Johnson. They gave birth to: Kendra Mary, and Samuel Anthony.

Descendants Of J.M. and ----- Guthrie

  A lady by the name of Moorhead married a man by the name of J.M. Guthrie. Nothing additional is known about them.

Descendants Of Andrew and Isabel Muirhead

  Andrew Muirhead married Isabel Pickett. They gave birth to: William Green, Joseph Pickett, Andrew Jr., Robert, Mary, and Stephen.

  William Green Muirhead, son of Andrew and Isabel Muirhead, married Sandra Mason. She was a daughter of Andrew Mason and Isa Syme. They gave birth to: Andrew, and Michelle.

Descendants Of James and Charlotte Moorhead

    James Garvin Muirhead married Charlotte Alexandra Macbeth. They gave birth to: Gavin, Frederick, and Robert.

Descendants Of Alfred and Willie Muirhead

  Alfred Lee Muirhead married Willie Pearl Williams. They gave birth to: Robert Lee.

  Robert Lee Muirhead, son of Alfred and Willie Muirhead, married Karen M.

Descendants Of Revelo and Gerry Giffin

  Revelo Huey Giffin married Gerry Ruth Muirhead. They gave birth to: Zachary.

    Zachary Giffin, son of Revelo and Gerry Giffin, married ----- -----. They gave birth to: Aaron C. Lennox, and Erica J. Sterwert.