There are a number of families of the surname Muirhead whose direct connection to the primary line starting with Willielmo de Muirhead cannot be determined. This would include a number of Muirhead families of Falkirk in Stirlingshire, Scotland. The fact that they cannot be connected directly to Willielmo de Muirhead certainly does not mean that they are not descended from that family line. As has been discussed previously, the surname of Muirhead, is derived from the phrase: de Muirhead, that is: of Muirhead, and was applied to one family when Willielmo / William was granted title to the lands of Muirhead in Lanarkshire. There exists no other such grant of land for the various other families possessing the name. So it might be assumed that anyone who took that surname, must have had some connection, genetically or otherwise, to Willielmo de Muirhead. The lack of a direct connection between Willielmo any other family or individual possessing the surname of Muirhead does mean that there is no connection. It simply means that the available public and private records do not allow us to make a definitive connection at this time. If a family or individual possesses the surname of Muirhead they are Muirheads nonetheless, and their genealogies need to be included in this volume in order for us to have as complete a family history as possible. As with the various other groupings of genealogies, I have placed them in no particular order.

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Please note that within the webpages devoted to each individual family line, paragraphs are preceeded by "Muirhead tartan" icons which bear numbers denoting the generation from the line's progenitor {the progenitor always being generation #1}. For example: The icon shown to the right would be used to denote the grandchildren of the line's progenitor, i.e. generation #3.