William Muirhead married Margaret Thom.(3.48) They took up residence in New Monkland, Lanarkshire, where their only child, Robert M., was born on 11 September 1774.

  Robert M. Muirhead, son of William and Margaret Muirhead, married Jean Hamilton. Jean was a daughter of John Hamilton and Jean Mutter. She was born in the year 1780 at Lesmahgow, Lanarkshire. The couple gave birth to: John, born 15 February 1797. John is believed to have been born at the town of Carluke.

  John Muirhead, son of Robert and Jean Muirhead, married Mary Nielson on 09 November 1828 at Lesmahgow. She was born in that town in the year 1806. The couple took up residence in the town of Lanark, in Lanarkshire, and gave birth to: Janet, born 1829; Robert, born 15 September 1831; George, born 21 July 1833; Jean Hamilton, born 1835; William, born 1838; James, born June 1840; and Mary, born 1842. All of the children, except James, are believed to have been born at Lanark. James is claimed to have been born at Carluke, in Lanarkshire. Note: The Muirhead Clan Society database contains erroneous information regarding the son, Robert, in this line. A death date and place of 04 March 1899 at Temple, Bell County, Texas is given for this Robert. That is the very same information given for Robert Muirhead, born circa October 1830, a son of Thomas Muirhead and Janet Leggate; grandson of William Muirhead and Isabella Taylor; great-grandson of John Muirhead and Agnes Whitehead. In view of the fact that there is no proof that the Robert in this line emigrated to America and died on the same date and in the same place as the Robert, great-grandson of John Muirhead of Stirlingshire, it can be assumed that the manager of the Muirhead Clan Society database simply allowed another error to enter the database because she feels it is not important to cross-check the data as she adds it.

    James Muirhead, son of John and Mary Muirhead, married Ann -----. Ann was born circa 1830. The couple gave birth to: Elizabeth, James, Ann, Gannet, Isabel, and Alice. James died prior to 1880.