Alexander Muirhead was born in Scotland.(3.47) He married Agnes Campbell on 26 March 1880 at Edinburgh, Scotland. The couple gave birth to only one child, a daughter: Catherine Philip. Catherine was born on 07 September 1885.

  Catherine Philip Muirhead, daughter of Alexander and Agnes Muirhead, married George Clunie Brown on 27 August 1904 at Edinburgh, Scotland. They gave birth to: Alexander Muirhead; Catherine; and Douglas Campbell, born 23 February 1921

  Catherine Brown, daughter of George and Catherine Brown, married William Aitchison, Jr. The couple are apparently still living because the manager of the Muirhead Clan Society database has privatized their information.

  Douglas Campbell Brown, son of George and Catherine Brown, married Shirley Hamilton. Douglas died on 29 January 1969.