John Grant was born some time prior to 1714.(3.45) Margaret Agnes Muirhead was also born some time prior to 1714 according to the Muirhead Clan Society database. How this is known is anyone’s guess because there are no references to the source of the information. In any case, it is believed that the couple married circa 02 November 1729 at Dalmeny Parish, Kirliston, in West Lothian, Scotland. The couple gave birth to: Helen, born 21 July 1730; Margaret, born circa 02 June 1734; Robert, born 1736; George, born 02 January 1738; William, born 12 February 1741; Agnes, born circa 02 September 1744; William (2), born 25 October 1749; and Thomas, born 07 May 1751.