Andrew Muirhead married Margaret Herron.(3.36) They resided in the town of Falkirk, in Stirlingshire, Scotland. It is believed that Andrew was born circa 1562. Margaret is believed to have been born circa 1566. The couple gave birth to a son: George, born circa 1594.

  George Muirhead, son of Andrew and Margaret Muirhead, married Marion Grossar (variously, Grosset). Marion was born circa 1599 at Falkirk. George and Marion gave birth to: James, born 03 June 1621; William, born 12 December 1624; Margaret, born 11 February 1627; George, Jr., born 16 August 1629; John, born 20 October 1633; Thomas, born 1636; and Janet, born 1638.

  William Muirhead, son of George and Marion Muirhead, married Margaret Whyte circa 1633 at Falkirk.