John Hamilton, 9th of Udstoun, was a great3-grandson of James and Janet (Hamilton) Muirhead.(3.31) He descended through their daughter, Margaret, who married John Hamilton, 6th of Udstoun. Their son, John married Helen Whiteford, and their son, John Hamilton, 7th of Udstoun, married the daughter of Sir Archibald Stewart of Castlemilk. Their son, John, 8th of Udstoun, married Margaret Cleland and John Hamilton, 9th of Udstoun, was their son.

  John Hamilton, 9th of Udstoun, married Elizabeth Brown. Elizabeth was a daughter of Robert Brown of Coalstoun. They gave birth to: Alexander, William, Margaret, and a couple other children, whose names have eluded historians.

  Alexander Hamilton, son of John and Margaret Hamilton, married Elizabeth Cumming. She was a daughter of William Cumming. They gave birth to: William, and John. The son, William, made a claim to the title of ‘Lord Belhaven’ after the death of the 5th Lord, but his claim was rejected; he died on 19 January 1796.