Christopher Anderson was born in the year 1777. He married Mary Goodlet. Mary was born in the year 1773. According to the Muirhead Clan Society database the marriage took place in 1808. The couple had at least two children: a girl, for whom we do not have a name, born in 1802; and John, born in 1808. The girl is not included in the Muirhead Clan Society database, and that is probably why the coupleís marriage is believed to have been in the year 1808. The assumption was probably made that John was the only child, and that the couple married just prior to his birth. The Anderson family took up residence at Sanquhar, in Dumfrieshire. Mary died in 1842. Christopher died in 1845.

  William Muirhead was born in the year 1806 at Denny.(3.25) He married ----- Anderson, the daughter of Christopher and Mary. William made a living as a farmer. William died on 24 May 1865 at Spango, Kirkconnel, in Dumfrieshire.

  John Anderson, Christopher and Maryís other child, was married twice. Johnís first marriage was to Martha McCall. Martha died in 1838. Then, on 10 September 1840, John married Agnes Muirhead. It is possible that this Agnes, who died on 20 July 1875, might have been a close relative, such as a sister or cousin, of William. John died in 1892.