A girl by the name of Ann Muirhead was born in the year 1810 at Glencairn in the shire of Dumfries, Scotland.(3.18) She married James Carruthers, who had been born in the year 1806 at Southwick, in the shire of Kirkcudbright.

  The Carruthers couple initially took up residence at the town of Keir, in Dumfrieshire, where their first four children were born. They later resided at Dumfries, where their last two children were born. James and Ann gave birth to: Mary, born 1836; James Jr, born 1840; Janet, born 1842; William, born 28 June 1844; Robert, born 26 May 1846; and Esther, born 28 July 1849.

    James Carruthers Jr., son of James and Ann Carruthers, married Agnes -----. Agnes was born in the year 1841 at Southwick, in Kirkcudbrightshire. They gave birth to: Esther, born 1869; John, born 1872; Mary, born 1874; James (III) born 1877; and Thomas, born 1879. The first two children, Esther and John, were born at Troqueer, in Dumfrieshire. The next child, Mary, was born at Kirkgunzeon, in Kirkcudbrightshire. And the last two children, James and Thomas, were born at Irongray, in Kirkcudbrightshire.

    William Carruthers, son of James and Ann Carruthers, married Agnes -----. She was born in the year 1845 at Kirkmahoe, in Dumfrieshire. They took up residence at Kirkmahoe, and gave birth to: Jane Ann, born 1868; Mary, born 1870; Thomas, born 1872; William, born 1876; and Margaret, born 1879.