Patrick Muirhead, the brother of John Muirhead ‘of Teggetsheaugh’ and younger son of John Muirhead and Margaret Syme, was born on 20 October 1716 at Haseley Court, Glasgow, in Lanarkshire, Scotland.(3.4) He married Elizabeth Muirhead on 14 February, 1761. Elizabeth was a daughter of John Muirhead and Janet Bogle. Elizabeth was born circa 1728 at Haseley Court.

  Patrick and Elizabeth were fourth cousins, both tracing their lineage back to their great2-grandparents, Alexander Muirhead and Eupham Jervey. Alexander and Eupham’s son, Alexander married Helen Bane. Their son, John married Anna Jervey. Their son, John married Margaret Syme, and Patrick was their son. Another son of Alexander and Eupham, ‘Baillie’ John married Elizabeth Hamilton. Their son, John married Agnes Paterson. Their son, John ‘of Glassford’ married Janet Bogle, and Elizabeth was their daughter.

  Patrick and Elizabeth gave birth to two sons and two daughters: George, born 11 February, 1764; Lockhart, born 30 November, 1765; Anne, born 1775; and Jean, born 1777. George and Lockhart are listed in the Muirhead Clan Society database as having been born at Glasgow, and the two girls at Dysart, in Fife, Scotland. But the eldest child, George, was also listed as having been christened at Dysart on 12 February, 1764. It is possible that the family moved to the shire of Fife just prior to the birth of their first child. Patrick died on 17 February, 1807. Elizabeth preceeded her husband in death on 14 February, 1779.

  George Muirhead, son of Patrick Muirhead, married Maxwell Fleming on 27 August, 1807. Maxwell was a daughter of the Reverend Thomas Fleming. George and Maxwell gave birth to: Anne, born 12 September, 1808; Elizabeth, born 01 June, 1815; Patrick Thomas, born 09 November, 1819; and Isabella Maxwell, born 02 November, 1822. George was educated at the University of Glasgow and became licensed by the Presbytery of Hamilton on 25 September, 1787. He was ordained to Dysart, 2nd Charge on 04 September, 1788. He was transferred to the 1st Charge on 10 June, 1807. He was presented by William Ramsay of Barnton, transferred and admitted on 24 October, 1816. He received his degree of Doctor of Divinity at Glasgow on 08 November, 1816. It was said that he was the oldest ordained minister to have joined the Free Church when he became the minister of the Cramond Free Church in the year 1843. George Muirhead is noted for having published a number of sermons and articles. They included: Sermon of the Death of Thomas Davidson, D.D., 1827, Edinburgh; Sermon on the Death of George Wright, D.D., 1827, Stirling; Pastoral Address to the Inhabitants of Cramond Parish, 1837, Edinburgh; Hints respecting the Low State of Vital Godliness among Professing Christians, 1842, Edinburgh; Conversion of the Jews, 1842 Edinburgh; and . George Muirhead died on 05 April, 1847. Maxwell Muirhead died on 18 August, 1854.

  Patrick Thomas Muirhead, son of George and Maxwell Muirhead, also took up the profession of preacher and ministered at the Free Church at Kippen.

  Lockhart Muirhead, son of Patrick and Elizabeth Muirhead, married Anna Campbell on 19 June, 1804 at Glasgow. Anna was born on 24 October, 1769 at Haseley Court, Glasgow, the daughter of James Campbell and Marion Muirhead. Lockhart and Anna gave birth to: Marion, born circa 1809 at Haseley Court; Anne, born circa 1811 at Haseley Court; and James Patrick, born 20 August, 1813 at Hamilton, in Lanarkshire, Scotland. Lockhart died on 23 July, 1829.

  James Patrick Muirhead, son of Lockhart and Anna Muirhead, married Katherine Elizabeth Boulton on 27 January, 1844. She was born in the year 1816, the daughter of Matthew Boulton. James and Katherine gave birth to six children: Lionel Boulton Campbell Lockhart, born 16 January, 1845; Francis Montagu, born 26 July, 1847; Beatrix Marion, born 21 November, 1849; Herbert Hugh, born 10 December, 1850; Bertram Arthur, born 17 July, 1852; and Eleanor Anne, born circa 1854. James Patrick Muirhead died on 05 October, 1898. Katherine died on 23 May, 1890.

  Lionel Boulton Campbell Lockhart Muirhead, son of James Patrick and Katherine Elizabeth Muirhead, married Grace Mary Ashurst on 18 April, 1887 at Waterstock, in Oxford, England. That is where Grace was born in the year 1848, a daughter of John Ashurst. The family resided at Haseley Court, Glasgow, where they raised two children: Charis Elizabeth Fosca, born 18 June, 1888; and Anthony John, born 04 November, 1890. Anthony John Muirhead has been known by the military rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He served as a Parliamentary Secretary in the year 1925. Lionel Muirhead died on 25 January, 1925.

  Charis Elizabeth Fosca Muirhead, daughter of Lionel and Grace Muirhead, married Herbert James Thomas on 04 August, 1909. Herbert was born circa 1892.

  Francis Montagu Muirhead, son of James Patrick and Katherine Elizabeth Muirhead, died on 15 April, 1927.

    Beatrix Marion Muirhead, daughter of James Patrick and Katherine Muirhead, married Napier George Sturt on 05 December, 1876. Napier was a son of Charles Sturt and Charlotte Christiana Greene. Napier and Beatrix gave birth to: Geoffrey Charles Napier, born 12 January, 1884; Dorothy Napier; and Katherine Mary.

  Herbert Hugh Muirhead, son of James Patrick and Katherine Elizabeth Muirhead, died on 04 March, 1904.

  Bertram Arthur Muirhead, son of James Patrick and Katherine Elizabeth Muirhead, died in October, 1907.

  Eleanor Anne Muirhead, daughter of James Patrick and Katherine Elizabeth Muirhead, died on 16 December, 1916.