John Muirhead, a son of John Muirhead and Anna Jervey, married Margaret Syme at Dunipace, in Stirlingshire, Scotland on 30 December, 1712.(3.3) The estate on which John Muirhead and his family resided was given the name of ‘Teggetsheugh’. The couple gave birth to three sons: John, born 1713; George, born 24 June, 1715; and Patrick.

1654 Map Of Lanarkshire Showing Dunipace
~ Reproduced by permission of the Trustees of the National Library of Scotland.

    The eldest of the three sons, John, was born in the year 1713. He also became known as John Muirhead of Teggetsheugh. John married Margaret Young and they raised a family of seven children: John, born 1754; Archibald, born 1755; Ann, born 1757; Peter, born 1759; Margaret, born 1761; Mary, born 17 June, 1763; and George, born 1766.

  George Muirhead, who was born in 1715, and the second son of John, is known to have entered the University of Glasgow at the age of 13 in the year 1728. George later was enrolled in the University of Edinburgh, where he received his degree on 11 November, 1742. On 28 December, 1743, despite some opposition, George was licensed by the Presbytery of Edinburgh. The opposition came about because of charges that he was unsound in doctrine. He was called on the 31st of July and ordained on the 4th of December, 1746. On 08 December, 1747 George was transferred to Dysart, 2nd Charge.

  Information on Patrick Muirhead, the youngest son of John, will appear in the next section, titled: Patrick Muirhead.