In the first part of this web document, the chapters titled: The First Generation ~ The Family Of Willielmo de Muirhead, The Descendants Of Sir William Muirhead Of Lauchope, The Legacy Of Andrew Muirhead, Bishop Of Glasgow, The Legacy Of Vedestus Muirhead, Canon Of Glasgow, The Descendants Of Janet Muirhead, The Fair Maid, and The Family Of Muirhead ~ The First Twelve Generations, cover the history of the family and descendants of Willielmo de Muirhead and Jean Hay to the twelfth generation.

  The family did not end in Scotland with the twelfth generation, though. A number of individuals emigrated from their homeland, to make their homes in Ireland and the Americas. But quite a number of Willielmo and Jeanís progeny remained in Scotland and (to an extent) England, and it is their story that comes next.

  The icons below link to additional sections devoted to the genealogies of the various individuals / families which chose to remain in the motherland of Scotland.

Please note that within the webpages devoted to each individual family line, paragraphs are preceeded by "Muirhead tartan" icons which bear numbers denoting the generation from the line's progenitor {the progenitor always being generation #1}. For example: The icon shown to the right would be used to denote the grandchildren of the line's progenitor, i.e. generation #3.