The youngest son of Willielmo and Jean de Muirhead was named Vedestus, born circa 1420.(1.85) His name is variously given as Udastus.

  Vedestus Muirhead, followed in his older brother’s footsteps. After he was in orders for a period of time, he became the Canon of Glasgow.

  Vedestus served for a time as the Prebend in the chapter of the Episcopal See of Glasgow. Vedastus Muirhead is included in the list of Rectors and Prebends for the years 1465 to 1478 as the Prebend of Govan.(1.86)

  Vedestus Muirhead served as the Rector of Cadzow, and was also elected to the position of Rector of the Glasgow University on 27 October, 1476.

  The date of Vedestus Muirhead’s death is not known from any public or family records.