A Memorial To Loved Ones
     Who Have Passed On

  When one of our loved ones dies and passes on, we tend to mourn their passing. Often we think that our mourning is for that loved one. But it is not, or rather should not be, for that loved one.

  That loved one is, hopefully, in Heaven ~ a far better place than this earthly realm, and therefore we should not weep for that person; we should rejoice that he or she has passed from this earthly realm of hardship and woe to a Heaven of eternal peace and joy.

  The thing that we often weep for is the fact that we realize, deep down, that a hole has been created in our own lives by our loved ones' passing. Although we may not realize it, or want to admit it, we mourn for ourselves, for the loss we are feeling, and will continue to feel.

  There is nothing wrong with feeling anguish in our personal loss. It is healthy to experience and express all forms of emotion, whether good or bad. But we should find comfort and consolation in the knowledge that our loved ones will not have passed out of our lives simply because their physical, earthly bodies have brought their sojourn with us to an end.

  Rather, we should rejoice that our Creator has given us the ability to retain memories of those loved ones, so that they can be with us, at least in spirit, anytime we desire it. Perhaps, if only in a small way, those memories might help to fill the hole left in your heart by your loved one's passing.

  If you are a religious person, you should find consolation in the fact that you too will someday pass on to reside in Heaven with those loved ones who have gone before.

  This memorial is dedicated to the encouragement of loving memories of the loved ones who we miss so much, and whose passing created holes in our hearts. It is my hope that this memorial will induce a flood of good memories to pour into our hearts, in order to plug up a few more of those holes.