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The Wool Act ~ 1699

Enacted ~~ 1699


The Wool Act of 1699 was passed by the English Parliament in an attempt to restrict the manufacture of woolen products in Ireland. It was also intended to halt the export of woolen products from the English colonies in North America both overseas and in intercolonial trade.


     An Act for continuing severall Laws therein mentioned, and for explaining the Act intituled An Act to prevent the Exportation of Wooll out of the Kingdoms of Ireland and England into Forreigne Parts and for the Incouragement of the Woollen Manufactures in the Kingdom of England.
     And whereas by an Act made in the Tenth and Eleaventh Years of His Majesties Reigne intituled An Act to prevent Exportation of Wooll out of the Kingdoms of Ireland and England into Forreigne Parts and for the Encouragement of the Woollen Manufactures in the Kingdom of England It is enacted and declared That no Wooll Wooll-fells Shortlings Mortlings Wooll-flocks Worstead-Bays or Woollen Yarne Cloth Serge Bays Kerseys Says Frizes Druggets Cloth-Serges Shalloons or any other Drapery Stuffs or Woollen Manufactures whatsoever made up or mixed with Wooll or Wooll-flocks shall be exported transported shipped off carried or conveyed out of or from the said Kingdom of Ireland into any Forreigne Realme States or Dominions or into any Parts or Place whatsoever other than the Parts within the Kingdom of England or the Dominion of Wales under severall Penalties and Forfeitures in the said Act mentioned
     And whereas severall Disputes have arisen concerning the true Intent and Meaning thereof
     Be it therefore enacted and declared by the Authority aforesaid That neither the said Act nor any Thing therein contained shall be construed to extend to subject any Person or Persons or any Ship or Vessell to any of the Pains Penalties or Forfeitures in the said Act contained for or touching such Wooll-fells Shortlings or Mortlings as shall be necessary for the Use of the Gunner or Boatswains Stores for the Ship or Vessell only and as for soe much Cloth Serge Bays Kersies Says Frizes Druggets Cloth-serges Shalloons or other Draperies Stuffs or other Manufactures as shall be for the proper Use for Clothes only of any Marriner or Passenger for his or her Wearing Apparell or Furniture on board such Ship in the Voyage and shall not exceed in the Whole for any one Marriner or Passenger the Value of Fourty Shillings Any thing in the said Act to the contrary notwithstanding.
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