Hessians Buried In Bedford County

   The men listed below came to the British colonies in North America from the duchies and principalities of Hesse-Kassel, Hesse-Hanau, Waldeck, Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel, Ansbach-Beyreuth and Anhalt-Zerbst as mercenary soldiers. Most of them were taken captive at Trenton, New Jersey in the early morning of 26 December 1776. Many more were captured during the siege of Yorktown in 1781.

   The so-called Hessians were originally hired by the British to perform service in Ireland. There were protests against that idea, and so the Germans were sent to America to augment the British forces.

   Captured Hessian soldiers were held at 'barracks' erected at Winchester, Virginia and York, Pennsylvania and also in Fort Frederick, Maryland.

   Descendants of Hessians taken captive often claim that their ancestor escaped from their captivity, many during the week before the Treaty of Paris was signed. Those escape prisoners invariably made their way to the Continental Army where George Washington accepted them into the Patriot forces ~ and who also quite often received a sword or musket directly from the General. In 99% of such stories, there exists no record to prove the escape.

   The fact of the matter was that following the general release in 1783, many of the Hessians returned to their homes and families in the German regions. Some of them, though, chose to stay here and make their new homes in this land.

Harmon Dick   ~   Colonel Rahl's Hessian Corps ~ Buried in the Lower Cemetary, Roaring Spring, Blair County.
Kaspar Dilling    ~   Lieb Company, ErbPrinz (i.e. Crown Prince) Regiment ~ Buried in the Rebecca Furnace Farm Cemetery, Fredericksburg, Blair County.
Arnold Haupt    ~   Hesse-Kassel Regiment von Donop ~ Buried in Saint Lukes Cemetery, Saxton, Liberty Township, Bedford County.
Conrad Luther    ~   unknown regiment ~ Burial site unknown
Marcus Metzger   ~   unknown regiment ~ Buried in the Dry Ridge Lutheran Church Cemetery,
Frederick Singer   ~   unknown regiment ~ Buried on the Singer farmstead, Freedom Township, Blair County.
Johannes Ulrich Zeth   ~   Hessen-Hanau ErbPrinz Regiment ~ Buried in the Claysburg Union Cemetery, Greenfield Township, Blair County.