The Germans

Mother Bedford's German Heritage

   When histories are written about the colonization of the North American Continent during the 18th Century, the inevitable phrase that is used to describe the relationship between the provinces and the "motherland" is "England and her colonies". For the various provinces except Pennsylvania, and to a lesser extent, Georgia, the overwhelming majority of the residents were indeed English. But Pennsylvania had a very large percentage of residents who had emigrated from Germany. According to the information gathered in the 1790 Census, German residents in Bedford County, within the Province of Pennsylvania, amounted to roughly 32% of the total population, while English made up only 17%.

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   Page 3: The Migration Into Other Lands

   Page 4: The Expanding World Of The Germanic Kingdoms

   Page 5: The Frankish Kingdom

   Page 6: The Rise Of The Carolingian Dynasty

   Page 7: The Rise And Fall Of The Holy Roman Empire

   Page 8: The Thirty Years War And Its Effect On Germany

   Page 9: The German And Swiss Emigration Of The Eighteenth Century

   Page 10: A Flood Of Palatines Pours Into The British Isles

   Page 11: The New Bern And Livingston Manor Settlements

   Page 12: The Schoharie Settlement

   Page 13: The Journey To The Island Of Pennsylvania

   Page 14: The Germans Homestead In Bedford County