MotherBedford Website DVD

   The complete website is currently available on a DVD that you can purchase.

   The webpages are saved as .html files, and are viewable using any of the currently popular web browsers. You do need to have a web browser installed on your computer, but most computers sold currently will have at least Windows 7 pre-installed. The Internet Explorer web browser should be included in the Windows OS.

   Unfortunately, a search function could not be included. Words or phrases can still be searched, on any webpage by using the "Find" function usually included in the browser's menu bar.

   Please note that the pages of the Mother Bedford website have been updated from html to xhtml/css, which allows for different formatting and design. (Note the powder horn design feature along the left side of this page.)

   The price per each DVD is: $17.00 (which includes $15.00 for the DVD and $2.00 Shipping).

   You can purchase a MotherBedford Website DVD by mailing a check or money order for the total amount of $17.00 (payable to Larry D. Smith) to: Larry D. Smith, 966 Johnstown Road, East Freedom, PA 16637