Sometimes You Just Need
      A Duck's Quack To Be Heard

{Posted   05 September 2013}

  In the days when the menfolk would be out in the fields plowing, sowing, tending or reaping their crops, when the housewife wanted to call them in to dinner or supper, she had three ways of doing so. She could give a strong, loud call to them, hoping they would hear. She could send a young child out to tell them to come in. Or she could blow on one of these things - a dinner horn.

  This tool is made out of tin. As the images show, it has a slight bit of detail in texture, but it was not made to be pretty; it was made to be functional.

  The tin dinner horn has a permanent reed, and there are no holes on which the user can play different notes. It has only a single sound ~ something like a duck's quack.