Stories That Were Too Short
      To Necessitate Their Own Webpages


I graduated from IUP (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) in 1977 with a BS degree in Art Education. I have utilized that education to do things such as creating all of the graphics that I employ on my website, That means that when you visit that website, every background image, every button, every line and every icon was created by me. In fact, the font in which this text is printed was created by me. Since I have collected antiques since I was five or six, a good portion of the graphic images for my website comes from my personal collection. I have also always been interested in writing, and so the website provides an outlet for my studies in history. My third great love in life is genealogy and family history. The MotherBedford website is a mix of all those things: my art and writing, and my love of history, both genealogical and regional.
     The MotherBedford Blog was created because I had so many things that I wanted to talk about, but which did not merit having individual pages on the MotherBedford website.


  No. 1 ~ Short Stories

  No. 2 ~ Clock Reel

  No. 3 ~ Spud

  No. 4 ~ If ... I'll Eat My Hat

  No. 5 ~ Hanging Steelyard Scales

  No. 6 ~ My Mother Made Me Eat Gruel When I Was A Child

  No. 7 ~ Boys Will Be Boys

  No. 8 ~ Dutch Wooden Shoes

  No. 9 ~ Were Silk Top Hats Originally Made From Beaver Skins?

  No. 10 ~ February 2

  No. 11 ~ Pieces Of Eight

  No. 12 ~ The Draft ~ 233 Years Ago

  No. 13 ~ They're Not Grass Snips

  No. 14 ~ Ugly Butter

  No. 15 ~ Who's Stupid Enough To Think You Make Wine in This?

  No. 16 ~ Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

  No. 17 ~ A Scottish Tid-Bit Just For The Fun Of It

  No. 18 ~ A Tool That Required Cooperation

  No. 19 ~ That Old Bed Slapper

  No. 20 ~ George Washington's Birthdaay

  No. 21 ~ Old-Timey Jobs

  No. 22 ~ If You Don't Behave, You'll Get A Scutchin'

  No. 23 ~ From Foundry To Font

  No. 24 ~ Don't Forget Mothering Day

  No. 25 ~ Do You Accept Turnpike Dollars?

  No. 26 ~ Your Mother Said To Take Your Shoes Off If You're Going In The House

  No. 27 ~ Speaking Of ....... Women And Their Shoes

  No. 28 ~ It's Nice Not To Have To Pay A Six Pence Tax To Have A Will Drawn Up

  No. 29 ~ Everything But The Squeal

  No. 30 ~ St. Patrick's Day

  No. 31 ~ I'm Gonna Cut Down Me A Tree

  No. 32 ~ Robins And Woolly-Worms

  No. 33 ~ Signed, Sealed & Delivered

  No. 34 ~ Four And Twenty Blackbirds

  No. 35 ~ The Whole Truth, And Nothing But...

  No. 36 ~ Palls

  No. 37 ~ There's An Image In My Paper

  No. 38 ~ It's Springtime, And The Maples Are Blooming!

  No. 39 ~ A Little Perry Never Hurt Anyone

  No. 40 ~ I Sure Could Use A Hot Toddy Right Now

  No. 41 ~ Two Indian-Head Nickles Handed Down To Me

  No. 42 ~ Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

  No. 43 ~ To One Person It Is A Glass To Drink From ~ To Another Person It Is A Vase In Which To Display Roses

  No. 44 ~ A Delicacy Fit For A German~UlsterScot

  No. 45 ~ A Thing Collecting Dust On My Bookshelf

  No. 46 ~ My Teigbehalter Was More Than Just A Pretty Piece Of Furniture

  No. 47 ~ Please Put This On My Account

  No. 48 ~ Something To Cure All Your Ills

  No. 49 ~ How About A Cup Of Java?

  No. 50 ~ At Last It's Time To Talk About The Last

  No. 51 ~ Sometimes You Don't Find Objects; The Objects Find You

  No. 52 ~ Who's Got Cold Feet? ~ Not Me!

  No. 53 ~ Sometimes A Half-Peck Just Isn't Enough

  No. 54 ~ Did Little Briar-Rose Prick Her Finger, Or What?

  No. 55 ~ A Little Stool For A Big Job

  No. 56 ~ They Don't Make Tools Like They Used To

  No. 57 ~ From SeaFoam To Art

  No. 58 ~ A Blacksnake Whip Wasn't Made From Blacksnakes Nor Did You Whip Blacksnakes With It

  No. 59 ~ Sometimes You Just Need A Duck's Quack To Be Heard

  No. 60 ~ I Hope This Post Doesn't End Up Being Half-Assed

  No. 61 ~ You Scratch My Back And I'll Scratch Yours

  No. 62 ~ The Baby Spinning Wheel Is No Baby's Spinning Wheel

  No. 63 ~ I Don't Have Much Moxie ~ Just One Bottle, In Fact

  No. 64 ~ Beware ~ This Post Contains A Whole Bunch Of Words Stuck Together

  No. 65 ~ Grammy's Apron

  No. 66 ~ Flail

  No. 67 ~ Who Is That Little Girl?

  No. 68 ~ Don't Put Your Horse Away Wet

  No. 69 ~ It's Colder Than All Get Out

  No. 70 ~ Is Anyone Else Tired Of Upping?

  No. 71 ~ Butter Made From Apples

  No. 72 ~ A Pot To Piss In

  No. 73 ~ Here's My Card, S'il Vous Plait

  No. 74 ~ The Idiot Bushes Are in Full Bloom

  No. 75 ~ Children Should Be Seen And Not Heard

  No. 76 ~ These Shoes Are Enough To Curl Your Toes