Mother Bedford Awards Page

   I have received a couple awards for the Mother Bedford website. Awards, like webrings, help to link websites through standards of quality. In terms of authority and legitimacy, the website which grants the award may or may not be in any position to actually grant an award. The value in awards lies in the simple fact that the objective (or oftentimes, subjective) opinion of the award site's webmaster sets standards of quality. Such standards, which all the websites which have won the award must have adhered to in order to win the award, ensure that more and more websites are worth the visitor's time. The visitor to one site which has won a particular award can be sure that by visiting the award site's own website, other websites of similar quality can be found.

   Note: Since the demise of the Geocities site, links to pages that had been maintained there no longer work. Therefore, links to any Geocities site have been removed from the images below.



      Wishing Well Award          

This website has won a 'Level 1' Diamond Web Award. Receipt of the award is based on the number of visitors to the website who 'vote' for the site by clicking on the icon to the right. If you enjoy your visit to Mother Bedford, and feel this site deserves recognition, please place your cursor over the icon to the right and click once to register your vote. Thank you.