The twelfth process of Projection consists of the conversion of base metal into gold.

  The crowning achievement for the alchemist comes in the process of Projection: the projection of the power of the Philosopher's Stone in the action of transmuting some base metal into gold.

  A number of authors claim that the Stone must be broken open wherein there lies the Red Tincture, a powder,which must then be wrapped in paper or wax. This paper or wax enwrapped powder is applied to the base metal which is melted in fire.

  Care must be taken that it does not touch the fire itself, or the transmutation will not be accomplished.

  In 1941 three scientists, Bainbridge, Anderson and Sherr, were able to produce isotopes of radioactive gold by neutron bombardment of mercury. Perhaps the Red Tincture possesses the ability to perform such neutronic activity itself.