The seventh process of Cibation consists of the nourishing of the new entity.

  Alchemists view the White Stone,which is given birth by the copulation of the vital life force with the First Matter, as the embryonic form of the Philosopher's Stone.

  As with any embryo,it is necessary to nourish the White Stone with fresh materials. The process of Cibation involves nourishing the White Stone with materials which will help the Stone to grow and develop without harming it in its pure state.

  Freshly gathered dew provides one of the materials needed to nourish the White Stone. The crystalline structure of the Stone is given facility to develop through dissolution in the dew.

  Though alchemists do not uniformly agree on what materials should be chosen to add to the embryonic Stone, it is understood that the embryo needs to be given some sort of nourishment in order for it to mature.