The fifth process of Putrefaction is also called The Black Stage. During Putrefaction, the essence waits to be reborn.

  TheBlack Stage, the Nigredo, brought about by the process of Putrefaction, is the result of forcing the First Matter (obtained through the process of Conjunction) to give up its essential vis vitalis, its vital life force.

  The effective achievement of the process of Conjunction would result in the existence of the First Matter, an entity composed of the essential elements in balance with one another, manifesting by virtue of their essentiality and balance the essentially pure existence of the matter in its primal state: First Matter.

  In its pure state, the First Matter would possess a pure form of energy: the vital force. The vital force is brought into existence by the energy bonds which are created by the union (or rather reunion) of the Mercury, Sulphur and Salt.

  The First Matter must be subjected to a moist heat in order for it to putrefy and thereby give up the spark of life that it holds.