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Generation No. 7

1D1A1A1.  UT.TU5 (NINKUR6, NINSAR5, ENKI4, ANU3, ANSHAR2, APSU1) UT.TU was EN.KI's great-granddaughter, the last of a line that EN.KI raped in his attempt to gain a son. He likewise raped UT.TU, who bore him eight tree children. In a rage at not gaining the son he so desired, EN.KI devoured the eight tree children. For his action, NIN.HUR.SAG cursed him with eight wounds, one for each of UT.TU's tree children he had eaten.

1D1C4A1.  LULUWA5 (LILITH6, NERGAL5, ENLIL4, ANU3, ANSHAR2, APSU1) {aka Awan} LULUWA, the daughter of EN.KI and LILITH, married QAYIN, the son of EN.KI and KHAWA/EVE, her half-brother (See #1D1C5A).

Children of LULUWA and QAYIN are: