Descendants of



Generation No. 5

1D1A1.  NIN.SAR5 (ENKI4, ANU3, ANSHAR2, APSU1) EN.KI raped his sister, NIN.HUR.SAG in an attempt to gain a male heir. Instead the daughter, NIN.SAR, was born. EN.KI then raped NIN.SAR in his continuing attempt to gain a son.

Child of EN.KI and NIN.SAR is:


1D1A2. NINKASI5 (ENKI4, ANU3, ANSHAR2, APSU1) {aka The Goddess Of Brewing, The Lady Who Fills The Mouth} NINKASI was one of the eight children born of NIN.HUR.SAG to heal the wounds of EN.KI.

1D1A3.  MAR.DUK5 (ENKI4, ANU3, ANSHAR2, APSU1) {aka Maraduk, Merodach, Bel, Belos, Ra, The Glory Of The Sun, The Avenger, The Son Of The Pure Mound, The Lord Of The Babylonians} MAR.DUK was known in Egypt as the god, Ra (i.e. the Bright One). He was the legal heir of EN.KI and NIN.KI / DAMKINA, and because of that, MAR.DUK waged war against NINURTA, the firstborn son of EN.LIL for dominion over the Earth. MAR.DUK was associated with the Roman god, Jupiter. MAR.DUK was called 'The Redeemer of Mankind' by some. He traveled throughout the world collecting information and setting right anything that appeared wrong. MAR.DUK was given the name of 'Bel', which meant Lord, as Babylon rose in importance. He should not be confused with Bel (variously, Elum, #1D4), son of Anshar and Kishar, though. MAR.DUK married SARPANIT {aka Ziratpanit, Succoth Benoth} an Earthling daughter of ENKI.ME (i.e. Enoch, the son of Irid and Baraka).

Child of MAR.DUK and SARPANIT is:



1D1A4.  NINGISHZIDDA5 (ENKI4, ANU3, ANSHAR2, APSU1) {aka Thoth, Tehuti, the Winged Serpent, Quetzalcoatl} NINGISHZIDDA was a genetics scientist, known in Egypt as the god, Thoth. According to Zecharia Sitchin, NINGISHZIDDA went to the American continent after being deposed by his brother, Marduk. During his sojourn in the lands which would become known as the Americas, NINGISHZIDDA was known as the "Winged Serpent" or Quetzalcoatl.

1D1A5.  DU.MUZI5 (ENKI4, ANU3, ANSHAR2, APSU1) {aka Tammuz, The Shepherd King}

1D1A6.  ADAPA / ADAM5 (ENKI4, ANU3, ANSHAR2, APSU1) {aka ADAM, the Adama, Atabba, Atab} ADAPA, the Adama, was the first human being, or rather, the ‘first of a kind,’ created genetically by EN.KI and his half-sister, NIN.KI / NIN.HUR.SAG by the introduction of EN.KI's sperm into the egg of an Homo erectus female, and the fertilized egg, the embryo, was then inserted into NIN.KI's womb where it grew into the Adama. The Adama was, thusly, descended from the Nephilim through the genetic coding of EN.KI. After he grew into adulthood (the Sumerian texts do not note the age), ADAPA was annointed as the first human priest-king, and was placed in charge of EN.KI’s temple at Eridu. Normally, cross-bred beings are incapable of reproducing on their own, but this was not the case with ADAPA and KHAWA. For that reason, they were considered the 'First Of A Kind', and to them were given the knowledge of agriculture and animal domestication. Therefore, they were the first of what would be known as Civilized Mankind. According to Hebrew mythology, the adapa, or ADAM, was fashioned by the creator god, EL, out of the clay of the earth. ADAM's first consort was LILITH, fashioned from the same clay as he. LILITH refused to mate with ADAM, and instead flew away to live in the desert. There LILITH consorted with demons and gave birth to additional demons. EL then took one of ADAM's ribs and fashioned an earthling mate for him. ADAPA / ADAM and his earthling mate, KHAWA / EVE, gave birth to at least four children of whose names we are aware; they were the founders of the Sumerian culture, which ultimately gave birth to the Hebrew and Jewish people..

Children of The ADAMA and KHAWA are:





1D1A7.  KHAWA / EVE5 (ENKI4, ANU3, ANSHAR2, APSU1) {aka EVE, AVA, NIN-KHAWA} Prior to her union with the ADAMA, KHAWA was seduced by EN.KI in the form of a serpent by the name SAMA.EL. (Hebrew legend claims that it was LILITH that appeared to KHAWA . EVE in the form of a serpent.) The two brought a child into the world who would later gain fame as having 'killed' his half-brother, Abel. According to the Bible, in the Book of Genesis, Chapter IV, verse 1, it states: "And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the Lord." Laurence Gardner, in his book, Genesis Of The Grail Kings, noted that this verse implies that Qayin / Cain was the son of the 'Lord', which the Jewish Midrash identified as SAMA.EL, or the serpent, which was EN.KI.

Child of KHAWA and EN.KI / SAMAEL is:


1D1C1.  NIN.URTA5 (ENLIL4, ANU3, ANSHAR2, APSU1) {aka Nanurta, Ningirsu, The Mighty Hunter, The God Of The South Wind} NAN.URTA married BAU {aka GU.LA, The Doctor}. It was NIN.URTA who, in battle with MAR.DUK, vanquished him and imprisoned him within the Ekur, or Great Pyramid. NIN.URTA later established a spacecraft landing site in the continent that would eventually be named America.

1D1C2.  NAN.NAR5 (ENLIL4, ANU3, ANSHAR2, APSU1) {aka Nanna, SU.EN, Sin, ZU, ZU.EN The Bright One, The God Of Ur} NAN.NAR was the first of the Anunnaki to be born on the Earth. It was he, who told of in the Tale Of Zu, attempted to steal the Enlilship (i.e. the Kingship of the Gods on Earth). NAN.NAR married NIN.GAL {aka The Great Lady}.

Children of NAN.NAR and NIN.GAL are:




1D1C3.  ISH.KUR5 (ENLIL4, ANU3, ANSHAR2, APSU1) {aka Adad, Dudu} ISH.KUR was given the responsibility of the winds by EN.KI. He was said to be in charge of the 'silver lock of the heart of heaven'. ISH.KUR married the Priestess, SHALA {aka NIN.SUNAL, DUT.TUR}

Children of ISH.KUR and SHALA are:


B. DUMU.ZI. (Claimed by certain scholars to have been the son of EN.KI and his concubine DUT.TUR.)

1D1C4. NER.GAL5 (ENLIL4, ANU3, ANSHAR2, APSU1) {aka Meslamtaea, Erra, The Illuminator Of The Great City (Hades), The Lord Of The Netherworld} NER.GAL became known as ERRA (i.e. the Annihilator) following the nuclear war he and NIN.URTA waged against MAR.DUK. NER.GAL married ERESH.KIGAL {aka Queen Of The Netherworld}. (See: #1D1A2A) She was the daughter of NAN.NAR and NIN.GAL. They bore a daughter whom they named Lilith. Although many scholars have made the cursory assumption that the 'Netherworld' in which Ereshkigal resided was a place underground, a so-called 'land of the dead', Zecharia Sitchin has proposed that it simply refered to the southern hemisphere. His proposal suggests that the Anunnaki came to this planet primarily to mine gold, and that it was in the region of the Zambezi River in southern African that they established their mining operations.

Child of NER.GAL and ERESH.KIGAL is:


1D4A1. SAMAS5 (SIN4, ELUM3, ANSHAR2, APSU1) {aka The Sun God}