The Tax Assessments
     Of Bedford County

For The Year 1782

   By the year 1782, Indian incursions into and through the region that was encompassed by Bedford County had decreased dramatically; therefore the population of EuroAmerican settlers increased.

   For whatever reason, as with the previous two years, the existing tax assessment returns for the year 1782 were not transcribed and included in the published Pennsylvania Archives.

   During certain years there might be more than one copy of the return for the tax assessment. The returns were sometimes written out prior to the tax collector making his rounds, copying the previous year's return (assuming that the families that were there the previous year, would still be there this year). Then, when the tax collector made his rounds, he would add names in for the settlers who had moved into the region since the previous year, or cross out the names for residents who had left the region. If more than one return is in existence, the return from which the Pennsylvania Archives were transcribed will be included on the primary pages of the township, with the additional returns shown on an auxiliary page.

Air Township

~ Formed in the year 1754 within Cumberland County ~
1782Air01.jpg 1782Air02.jpg 1782Air03.jpg 1782Air04.jpg
1782Air05.jpg 1782Air06.jpg 1782Air07.jpg

Barree Township

~ Formed in the year 1767 within Cumberland County ~
1782Barree01.jpg 1782Barree02.jpg 1782Barree03.jpg 1782Barree04.jpg
1782Barree05.jpg TaxIcon.jpg

Bedford Township

~ Formed in the year 1767 within Cumberland County ~
1782Bedford01.jpg 1782Bedford02.jpg 1782Bedford03.jpg 1782Bedford04.jpg
1782Bedford05.jpg 1782Bedford06.jpg 1782Bedford07.jpg 1782Bedford08.jpg
1782Bedford09.jpg TaxIcon.jpg

Bethel Township

~ Formed in the year 1773 from Ayr ~
1782Bethel01.jpg 1782Bethel02.jpg 1782Bethel03.jpg 1782Bethel04.jpg
1782Bethel05.jpg 1782Bethel06.jpg 1782Bethel07.jpg 1782Bethel08.jpg
1782Bethel09.jpg 1782Bethel10.jpg 1782Bethel11.jpg TaxIcon.jpg

Brothers Valley Township

~ Formed in the year 1771 within Bedford County ~
1782BrothersValley01.jpg 1782BrothersValley02.jpg 1782BrothersValley03.jpg 1782BrothersValley04.jpg
1782BrothersValley05.jpg 1782BrothersValley06.jpg 1782BrothersValley07.jpg 1782BrothersValley08.jpg
1782BrothersValley09.jpg TaxIcon.jpg

Colerain Township

~ Formed in the year 1767 within Cumberland County ~
1782Colerain01.jpg 1782Colerain02.jpg 1782Colerain03.jpg 1782Colerain04.jpg
1782Colerain05.jpg 1782Colerain06.jpg 1782Colerain07.jpg 1782Colerain08.jpg

Cumberland Valley Township

~ Formed in the year 1767 within Cumberland County ~
1782CumberlandValley01.jpg 1782CumberlandValley02.jpg 1782CumberlandValley03.jpg 1782CumberlandValley04.jpg
1782CumberlandValley05.jpg 1782CumberlandValley06.jpg 1782CumberlandValley07.jpg 1782CumberlandValley08.jpg
1782CumberlandValley09.jpg 1782CumberlandValley10.jpg 1782CumberlandValley11.jpg TaxIcon.jpg

Dublin Township

~ Formed in the year 1767 within Cumberland County ~
1782Dublin01.jpg 1782Dublin02.jpg 1782Dublin03.jpg 1782Dublin04.jpg
1782Dublin05.jpg 1782Dublin06.jpg 1782Dublin07.jpg TaxIcon.jpg

Frankstown Township

~ Formed in the year 1775 from Barree and Bedford ~
1782Frankstown02.jpg 1782Frankstown03.jpg 1782Frankstown04.jpg 1782Frankstown05.jpg
1782Frankstown06.jpg 1782Frankstown01.jpg TaxIcon.jpg

Hopewell Township

~ Formed in the year 1773 from Barree ~
1782Hopewell01.jpg 1782Hopewell02.jpg 1782Hopewell03.jpg 1782Hopewell04.jpg
1782Hopewell05.jpg 1782Hopewell06.jpg 1782Hopewell07.jpg TaxIcon.jpg

Huntingdon Township

~ Formed in the year 1779 from Barree and Dublin~
1782Huntingdon01.jpg 1782Huntingdon02.jpg 1782Huntingdon03.jpg 1782Huntingdon04.jpg
1782Huntingdon05.jpg 1782Huntingdon06.jpg 1782Huntingdon07.jpg 1782Huntingdon08.jpg

Providence Township

~ Formed in the year 1780 from Colerain~
1782Providence01.jpg 1782Providence02.jpg 1782Providence03.jpg 1782Providence04.jpg
1782Providence05.jpg 1782Providence06.jpg 1782Providence07.jpg 1782Providence08.jpg

Quemahoning Township

~ Formed in the year 1775 from Brothers Valley ~
1782Quemahoning01.jpg 1782Quemahoning02.jpg 1782Quemahoning03.jpg 1782Quemahoning04.jpg
1782Quemahoning05.jpg 1782Quemahoning06.jpg 1782Quemahoning07.jpg 1782Quemahoning08.jpg
1782Quemahoning09.jpg 1782Quemahoning10.jpg 1782Quemahoning11.jpg TaxIcon.jpg

Sherley Township

~ Formed in the year 1779 from Dublin~
1782Sherley01.jpg 1782Sherley02.jpg 1782Sherley03.jpg 1782Sherley04.jpg
1782Sherley05.jpg 1782Sherley06.jpg 1782Sherley07.jpg TaxIcon.jpg

Turkeyfoot Township

~ Formed in the year 1773 from Brothers Valley ~
1782Turkeyfoot01.jpg 1782Turkeyfoot02.jpg 1782Turkeyfoot03.jpg 1782Turkeyfoot04.jpg