The Tax Assessments
     Of Bedford County

For The Year 1781

  Please Note: During the year 1781, the number of Indian incursions into the region that had been created as Bedford County had decreased somewhat. EuroAmerican settlers moved back to their farmsteads, and the tax assessments and collections were once again taken.

   Joseph Reed, President of the Pennsylvania Assembly sent a letter to the inhabitants of Bedford County "at or about Standing Stone", dated 01 March, 1781. It undoubtedly helped to assure the residents that the threat of Indian incursions would be dealt with more effectively.

     Gentlemen, Mr. Canan being desirous to return before the Assembly have come to a Determination with Respect to the Frontiers, it is not in my Power to give a full Answer to your Inquiry with Respect to the Defence of the Frontiers. But for your Satisfaction have thought it necessary to acquaint you that the Council have laid a Plan for their Defence before the Assembly by which four Companies of 60 Men each are to be raised as a standing Force, & 330 Militia to be kept up for 8 Months, & so stationed as to be most useful to the Parts exposed. That an Expedition against Detroit is in contemplation & in that Case Endeavors will be used to act offensively elsewhere. This is the proposed Plan which we have requested the Assembly to furnish us with the Means of Execution, but how far the State of the Treasury will be adequate to the End proposed cannot yet be known. Nor can we give you farther Encouragement than this Account of the State of Things, on which you will form your Determinations. It will give the Council great Satisfaction to relieve your Distresses & remove your Apprehensions, & we flatter ourselves the Time is not far distant when this will be effectually done by an honourable Issue to the War, provided proper Exertions are used on our Parts.
     Directed, -To the Inhabitants of Bedford County at and about Standing Stone.

   Unfortunately, during the summer of 1781, a band of Amerindians, coached by the British, traveled southward into the region that was Bedford County and were met by a scouting party of Bedford County and Cumberland County Militia. The resulting ambush of the Militia by the Amerindians has come to be known as the Engagement of Frankstown. To access a page describing that incident, click on the button below:

   During certain years there might be more than one copy of the return for the tax assessment. The returns were sometimes written out prior to the tax collector making his rounds, copying the previous year's return (assuming that the families that were there the previous year, would still be there this year). Then, when the tax collector made his rounds, he would add names in for the settlers who had moved into the region since the previous year, or cross out the names for residents who had left the region. If more than one return is in existence, the return from which the Pennsylvania Archives were transcribed will be included on the primary pages of the township, with the additional returns shown on an auxiliary page.

Ayr Township

~ Formed in the year 1754 within Cumberland County ~
1781Ayr01.jpg 1781Ayr02.jpg 1781Ayr03.jpg 1781Ayr04.jpg
1781Ayr05.jpg 1781Ayr06.jpg 1781Ayr07.jpg 1781Ayr08.jpg

Barree Township

~ Formed in the year 1767 within Cumberland County ~
1781Barree01.jpg 1781Barree02.jpg 1781Barree03.jpg 1781Barree04.jpg
1781Barree05.jpg 1781Barree06.jpg 1781Barree07.jpg

Bedford Township

~ Formed in the year 1767 within Cumberland County ~
1781Bedford01.jpg 1781Bedford02.jpg 1781Bedford03.jpg 1781Bedford04.jpg
1781Bedford05.jpg 1781Bedford06.jpg 1781Bedford07.jpg 1781Bedford08.jpg
1781Bedford09.jpg 1781Bedford10.jpg 1781Bedford11.jpg 1781Bedford12.jpg
1781Bedford13.jpg 1781Bedford14.jpg

Bethel Township

~ Formed in the year 1773 from Ayr ~
1781Bethel01.jpg 1781Bethel02.jpg 1781Bethel03.jpg 1781Bethel04.jpg
1781Bethel05.jpg 1781Bethel06.jpg 1781Bethel07.jpg 1781Bethel08.jpg
1781Bethel09.jpg 1781Bethel10.jpg 1781Bethel11.jpg 1781Bethel12.jpg
1781Bethel13.jpg 1781Bethel14.jpg 1781Bethel15.jpg 1781Bethel16.jpg

Brothers Valley Township

~ Formed in the year 1771 within Bedford County ~
1781BrothersValley01.jpg 1781BrothersValley02.jpg 1781BrothersValley03.jpg 1781BrothersValley04.jpg
1781BrothersValley05.jpg 1781BrothersValley06.jpg 1781BrothersValley07.jpg 1781BrothersValley08.jpg
1781BrothersValley09.jpg 1781BrothersValley10.jpg 1781BrothersValley11.jpg 1781BrothersValley12.jpg
1781BrothersValley13.jpg 1781BrothersValley14.jpg 1781BrothersValley15.jpg TaxIcon.jpg

Colerain Township

~ Formed in the year 1767 within Cumberland County ~
1781Colerain01.jpg 1781Colerain02.jpg 1781Colerain03.jpg 1781Colerain04.jpg
1781Colerain05.jpg 1781Colerain06.jpg 1781Colerain07.jpg 1781Colerain08.jpg

Cumberland Valley Township

~ Formed in the year 1767 within Cumberland County ~
1781CumberlandValley01.jpg 1781CumberlandValley02.jpg 1781CumberlandValley03.jpg 1781CumberlandValley04.jpg
1781CumberlandValley05.jpg 1781CumberlandValley06.jpg 1781CumberlandValley07.jpg 1781CumberlandValley08.jpg
1781CumberlandValley09.jpg 1781CumberlandValley10.jpg 1781CumberlandValley11.jpg

Dublin Township

~ Formed in the year 1767 within Cumberland County ~
1781Dublin01.jpg 1781Dublin02.jpg 1781Dublin03.jpg 1781Dublin04.jpg
1781Dublin05.jpg 1781Dublin06.jpg 1781Dublin07.jpg

Frankstown Township

~ Formed in the year 1775 from Barree and Bedford ~
1781Frankstown01.jpg 1781Frankstown02.jpg 1781Frankstown03.jpg 1781Frankstown04.jpg
1781Frankstown05.jpg TaxIcon.jpg

Hopewell Township

~ Formed in the year 1773 from Barree ~
1781Hopewell01.jpg 1781Hopewell02.jpg 1781Hopewell03.jpg 1781Hopewell04.jpg
1781Hopewell05.jpg 1781Hopewell06.jpg 1781Hopewell07.jpg 1781Hopewell08.jpg
1781Hopewell09.jpg TaxIcon.jpg

Huntingdon Township

~ Formed in the year 1779 from Barree and Dublin~
1781Huntingdon01.jpg 1781Huntingdon02.jpg 1781Huntingdon03.jpg 1781Huntingdon04.jpg
1781Huntingdon05.jpg 1781Huntingdon06.jpg 1781Huntingdon07.jpg TaxIcon.jpg

Millford Township

~ Formed in the year 1780 from Turkeyfoot~
1781Millford01.jpg 1781Millford02.jpg 1781Millford03.jpg 1781Millford04.jpg

Providence Township

~ Formed in the year 1780 from Colerain~
1781Providence01.jpg 1781Providence02.jpg 1781Providence03.jpg 1781Providence04.jpg
1781Providence05.jpg 1781Providence06.jpg TaxIcon.jpg

Quemahoning Township

~ Formed in the year 1775 from Brothers Valley ~
1781Quemahoning01.jpg 1781Quemahoning02.jpg 1781Quemahoning03.jpg 1781Quemahoning04.jpg
1781Quemahoning05.jpg 1781Quemahoning06.jpg 1781Quemahoning07.jpg 1781Quemahoning08.jpg

Sherley Township

~ Formed in the year 1779 from Dublin~
1781Sherley01.jpg 1781Sherley02.jpg 1781Sherley03.jpg 1781Sherley04.jpg
1781Sherley05.jpg 1781Sherley06.jpg 1781Sherley07.jpg 1781Sherley08.jpg

Turkeyfoot Township

~ Formed in the year 1773 from Brothers Valley ~
1781Turkeyfoot01.jpg 1781Turkeyfoot02.jpg 1781Turkeyfoot03.jpg 1781Turkeyfoot04.jpg
1781Turkeyfoot05.jpg 1781Turkeyfoot06.jpg 1781Turkeyfoot07.jpg 1781Turkeyfoot08.jpg