1775 Hopewell Township

Tax Assessment ~ Part 1

   This page includes a transcription from the published Pennsylvania Archives (1897 Edition, Third Series, Volume XXII, Pages 109-111) of the 1775 tax assessment return for Hopewell Township, within Bedford County. The original return for Hopewell Township no longer is in existence in the archives maintained in Bedford County. The transcription is for the Residents.

Anderson, William
Benson, Fleetwood
Bond, Benjamin
Clark, Richard
Clark, Walter
Clark, Charles
Dean, William
Dean, John
Elder, George
Forshee, Soloman
Floro, James
Gateral, Thomas
Heter, George
Hamson, James
Hair, Jacob
Jacson, George
Kich, Adam
Long, Richard
Moore, Zebulon
McGraw, Martin
Moore, Levi
Parker, John
Rowler, Jacob
Smart, William, Jun'r
Strong, Philip
Saunders, Benjamin
Shirley, William
Stoner, Philip
Stuchman, Jacob
Shoof, Bastin
Shoof, Jacob
Shook, George
Wolrid, David
Weston, John
Watson, William
Willson, Thomas
Willson, Elizebeth
Whitstone, Michael