1775 Colerain Township

Tax Assessment ~ Part 1

   This page includes a transcription from the published Pennsylvania Archives (1897 Edition, Third Series, Volume XXII, Pages 88-91) of the 1775 tax assessment return for Colerain Township, within Bedford County. The original return for Colerain Township no longer is in existence in the archives maintained in Bedford County. The transcription is for the Residents.

Amrine, Henry
Bradshaw, Robert
Bell, David
Boyel, John
Ditto for rent tax lanlord
Bellew, John
Buck, Thomas
Brown, Henry
Bennet, Joseph
Buck, David
Cessna, John
Catchim, Jacob
Covalt, Abraham
Covalt, Jecon'ah
Culbertson, Robert
Coons, Lawrance
Cheeck, John
Dougherty, Barnard, Esq'r
Daniels, Edward
Daramare, Isaac
Eliot, Robert
England, John
Amos Eastwood
Ernest Baker
Ferguson, Hugh
Friend, Joseph
Friend, John, Jun'r
Flaugherty, John
Fredrigal, William
John Groal
Hall, Thomas
Hance, Wendell
Howard, Clement
Hardin, Ignatious
Johnson, John
Johnson, Thomas
Milley, Abraham, Esq'r
Moore, Robert
McCombs, William
McMullin, Patrick
McFarrin, Joseph
McKinny, John
Moore, Samuel
Moore, John
Morrison, Joseph
Mortimore, John
McRory, David
Miller, Christain
Morrial, Peter
McDaniel, William
Miller, Adam
Miller, Oliver
Marks, Richard
Parker, William
Piper James, Esq'r
Piper, John, Esq'r
Peterson, James
Perrin, John
Rose, Edward
Richey, John
Richey, Gideon
Shrack, Absolom
Sparks, Jos
Spurgin, William
Spurgin, John
Spurgin, Ezik'l
Spurgin, Samuel
Twinbaugh, Casper
Urie, Thomas
Woods, Thomas
Woolery, Achor
Watson, Moses
Worldly, Arthur
Young, Adam
Burns, Thomas
Gandy, David
Johnson, Joseph
Parker, Peter
Rowland, Jacob
Smith, George
Magee, Donagan
Lever, William
Loughrey, John