1773 Colerain Township

Tax Assessment ~ Part 4

   This page includes a transcription from the published Pennsylvania Archives (1897 Edition, Third Series, Volume XXII, Pages 15-18) of the 1773 tax assessment return for Colerain Township, within Bedford County. The original return for Colerain Township no longer is in existence in the archives maintained in Bedford County. The transcription is for the Non-Residents.

John Allison
William Buchannan
Benton. & Wharton
Benjamin Davis
John Frazer, Esqueir
Samuel Finley
James Hunter
Roland McDonnall
Robert McKenney
John Ormsby
Samuel Perry
John Shee
John Salter
William Smith
Stewart & Guthery
Charles Stewart
William Trant
Rubin Heans
Samuel Purviance
Charles Cox
Brey, Jacob
Abraham Mitchel
James Maxwell
Lukens & Little
William Trant
William Dixson
James Martin
John Dixson