1773 Bedford Township

Tax Assessment ~ Part 2

   This page includes a transcription from the published Pennsylvania Archives (1897 Edition, Third Series, Volume XXII, Pages 18-21) of the 1773 tax assessment return for Bedford Township, within Bedford County. The original return for Bedford Township no longer is in existence in the archives maintained in Bedford County. The transcription is for the Inmates.
Note: Trancripts of certain tax assessment returns (including Bedford Township) were included in the 1884 publication of History Of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania, by Waterman, Watkins & Co. In that volume (on pages 67 and 68) a transcript consisting of names similar to this transcript is assigned the date of 1772. In the following listing, variations of the names, as transcribed in the History Of Bedford... are presented within parentheses { }.

David Bell
Alexander Cook
Henry Creighton
Elias Davis {Elias Davison}
Frederick Ega
Joseph Ecord
Jacob Rhine
Adam Samuel
Peter Smith
John Stewart {John Steward}
Henry Stagner
Watson, William
James Henry
William Riddle
Robert Love
Peter Flin {Peter Flynn}
{George Henry}