1773 Barree Township

Tax Assessment ~ Part 4


This image includes the middle portion of the first page of the original 1773 tax assessment return for Barree Township, within Bedford County, showing the Inmates' names "Willreck" through "Mecormick". Note that the names of the Inmates are not listed in alphabetical order. The names of taxpaying renters, i.e. Inmates, would vary from year to year, so they were added onto the tax assessment return by the collector as he found them.


Note: This image was scanned from a photocopy of the original 1773 tax assessment for Barree Township, within Bedford County. The originals of the tax assessment returns were stored, for many years, in Vault #1 in the basement of the Bedford County Court House. The webmaster of this site was given permission by the officials of the Bedford County Court system to photocopy the original returns in the 1980s. A year or two after the original returns were photocopied, a pipe burst in the vault in which the returns were stored, causing water damage to many records, and the original tax assessment returns were subsequently transferred to the Pioneer Historical Society of Bedford County for storage.

   The following is a transcription of the names of the Inmates which appear on the 1773 Barree Township, Bedford County tax assessment return, as shown in the image above. It is as accurate as possible. The published Pennsylvania Archives includes transcripts of tax assessments from Bedford County for the year 1773, but the township of Barree is not included.

Willreck, Jeans
John Gullver
Igo, Petter
John Tites
Gossen, Charls
Hutson, Matthew
Herrison, James
Jervies, Henrey
Millar, Joseph
Moble, Ezekel
Molsboch, (illegible)
Sells, John
Sells, Abraham
Lewes, Joseph
Lewes, David
Cross, Corneloss
Kenneday, David
Little, James
Bowers, John
Isop, Samuel
Mol Holland, John
Mountgumry, William
Tornton, John
Rickets, Edward
Travesh, William
Dean, James
Burg, Robert
Mecormick, Allexander