1773 Armstrong Township

Tax Assessment ~ Part 3

   This page includes a transcription from the published Pennsylvania Archives (1897 Edition, Third Series, Volume XXII, Pages 21-23) of the 1773 tax assessment return for Armstrong Township, within Bedford County, just prior to the erection of Westmoreland County. The original return for Armstrong Township no longer is in existence in the archives maintained in Bedford County. The transcription is for the Non-Residents.

Moses Beard
Frederick Rorer
Peter & Andrew Alkman
John Mountgomery
Samuel Perry
Charles Campbell
James Barr
James Bogle
Smith, Abraham
Norton, James
John Eaton
Joshua Elder
Samuel Duncan
Alexander Johnston
James McFarlin
James Carr
Edward Campbel
Tho's & Joshua Anderson
Alexander Barryhill
John McCrady
Robert Hanna, Esq'r
The Proprietors