Antique Watermarks

Source:   Petro Allix, Diatriba De Anno & Mense Natali Jesu Christi, published in 1722

This is an example of a wire watermark. This watermark appears to be the topmost portion of a single fleur-de-lis. Compare this watermark with the one below, which coincidently was found in the book immediately preceeding this entry (Theron And Aspasio, published in 1775)

Additional Book Information
Diatriba De Anno & Mense Natali Jesu Christi In qva omnia qvae ex historia ervi posunt ad hujus argumenti dilucidationem facientia, accurate discutiuntur; et praecipui veterum ac neotericorum errores huc pertinentes refelluntur Authore Petro Allix, S.T.P. (Published at) Londini: Impensis Davidus Mortier. Nicolai Petrisibbern, Holsati. 1722