Antique Watermarks

Source:   De Magno Veteris Ecclesiae Circa Poenitentes Rigore, published in 1759

This is an example of a wire watermark. It consists of a circle inside of which appears to be a horned animal with open mouth. Its eye is prominent and a curled tail is noticeable. At the top of the circle, on its outside surface, is what appears to be a cross, similar to the one used by the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church. In addition to the above watermark, another one appears on the pages of this book. Shown below, it consists of lettering forming the word: "WOHLRAB" in which the "H" and the "B" are shown in lower case while the rest of the letters are shown as capitals. Wohlrab is a a German surname, and might have been the name of a local papermaker.

Additional Book Information
De Magno Veteris Ecclesiae Circa Poenitentes Rigore Liber Singularis Cvi Accedit Commentatio de Legione Christianorum Fulminatrice sub imperatore antonino philosopho. Autore Christophoro Beyero In academia lips. P.P.Extraord. Collegii B.M.V. Collegiat. Et Facultatis Philosoph.Assessore. (Published at) Lipsiae. Impensis Ioan. Michael. Ludovici Teubneri. 1759