Antique Watermarks

Source:   De Festis Domini Nostri Jesu Christi, published in 1745

This is an example of a wire watermark. It is a unique representation of the "man in the moon": a slim crescent moon shape bears a face in profile on its 'inner' side. The face's eye, nose and mouth are clearly visible. A strange addition, though, is what appear to be pincers at each of the two points of the crescent. What makes this watermarked paper all the more interesting is the fact that the bizarre, almost occult, imagery of the crescent moon was used in a 'religious' book published by a monastic order.

Additional Book Information
Prosperi Card. Lambertini Postea Benedicti XIV. P.M. Commentarii Duo De D.N. Jesu Christi Matrisque Etus Festis, Et De Missae Sacrificio. Retractati atque aucti. Ex Italico in Latinum Sermonum Vertit. Michael Angelus De Giacomellis. Ex Intimis Auctoris Capellanis. (Published at) Patavii: Typis Seminarli, 1745. Apud Joannem Manfre. Superiorum Permissu ac Privilegio. 1745