Antique Watermarks

Source:   Andreas Morellius, Specimen Universae Rei Nummariae Antiquae, published in 1683
(second and third examples)

Above is an example of a wire watermark, depicting a bunch of grapes-like item. In all of the instances of this particular watermark appearing in the pages of this book, the rest of the image is cut off. Below is another cut off image that appears in the same book, and might be connected to the above image in some way.

Additional Book Information
Specimen Universae Rei Nummariae Antiquae, Quod Literatorum Reipublicae Proponit Andreas Morellius Helvetus. (Published at) Parisiis: Apud Thomam Moette, via vulgo dicta de la Bouclerie, juxta Pontem Sancti Michaelis. Cum Permissu. 1683