The Saga Ends

     The smoke of the battle upon the Plains Of Galbradith drifted upon the air as Baeoinfaermn made his way to the Cairn Of Maelnru. Solemn and stately it stood in the open ground in that portion of the Plains which empties out into the Ranikt Sea. It had been out of the range of the battle that had just taken place, and so it was standing as it had for so many years, blanketed in its own cover of dust. Only a small area of the dust had been cleared away, and it was there that The Wind What Canst Sleep knew Greunweiln had hidden the Book Of Nordo.
     Baeoinfaermn carefully picked away the stones which had been haphazardly replaced by Greunweiln in his hurry just before the battle on the Plains Of Galbradith. With fingers ever so slightly trembling with joy, he reached down and took hold of the Tales Of The Golden Comet And Sundry Winds Of King Nordo.
     At his touch, a spark of reddish gold flared and spread across the book's cover of black velvet and thread of silver. The flame crackled and sputtered, and curled over his hands and up his arms. In an instant Baeoinfaermn was overwhelmed by the fusion of his spirit with the soul and body of the Book. In his exaltation, The Wind What Canst Sleep became one with the knowledge of the fabled Book Of Nordo. In that very instant, his art was of him, and he was of his art. The quest was over; it was now time to go home to the North Lands.
     His fingers closed round the book, and as they started to lift it up, Baeoinfaermn thought he saw a fleeting flash of gold spread across the cover. He paused for a moment that seemed to stretched across eons of time; the sight dazzled him so. It was really nothing out of the ordinary, he thought to himself; it was only the light shining from the star Satrophe glistening on the nap of the velvet cover.