Officers Of The
     Frontier Patriots Chapter

The Officers of the Blair County Chapter for 2018 include:

   President: Larry D. Smith    (e-mail: )

   1st Vice- President: John W. Betting    (e-mail: )

   2nd Vice-President: Robert D. Williams    (e-mail:

   3rd Vice-President: vacant

   Secretary: Melvin C. McDowell    (e-mail: )

   Treasurer: David G. Hammaker    (e-mail: )

   Registrar: Larry D. Smith    (e-mail: )

   Chaplain: Melvin C. McDowell    (e-mail: )

   Historian: Larry D. Smith    (e-mail: )

   Chancellor: Melvin C. McDowell    (e-mail: )

   Genealogist: Larry D. Smith    (e-mail: )

   Chapter Webmaster: Larry D. Smith    (e-mail: )