Furniture And Household Furnishings

Bannister~Back Chair     {1750s to 1790s}


     Bannister-Back chairs were produced throughout New England during the latter half of the 18th Century. The chair exhibited here is a typical example of the bannister-back style. It retains its original black paint and gold line detailing.
     This chair has an arched, scroll-cut crestrail connecting turned baluster and block-turned stiles, surmounted by stylized 'acorn' finials. Four split turned balusters descend from the crestrail. A simple gold line decorates the crestrail and balusters. The legs and stretchers between them are turned in a combination of the baluster, ring and rod styles. The woven cane seat is, no doubt, not original; such seat materials were easily damaged and required replacement, perhaps numerous times during the life of the chair.