Furniture And Household Furnishings

Ladderback Chair     Exhibit 1
     {1750s to 1850s}

     The ladderback chair is perhaps the one piece of furniture that most embodies the spirit of colonial life. Every home possessed at least one ladderback chair. It was a style that saw a longevity like no other. L.G.G. Ramsey, who edited The Complete Encyclopedia Of Antiques called this form of chair a Slat Back chair
     This particular example of the ladderback chair has very delicately thin slats, but it is remarkably sturdy for its size. It is one of the first pieces of antique furniture I purchased. I created the seat by covering a piece of wood with a piece of an old quilt; the original seat would have been 'caned' with rush or jute. I opted not to have the seat caned in order to be able to readily see the structure of the chair.


     The two images below show some interesting details. The image on the left displays the delicate oval finials. The image on the right shows, in clear detail, the seat's frame pieces. also, in the image on the right, take notice to the 'top' rung, and how worn it is from normal usage.