John Muirheid was one of the individuals who were banished from their homeland of Scotland as a result of their Covenanter beliefs. The spelling of John’s (and his brother, James’) surname has been given as Muirhead in various of the available records, but because of the fact that a majority of his descendants choose the variation of Muirheid, that is how it will be given here. A narrative on John’s forced emigration and his arrival in America has already been noted in the section on the National Covenant.

  This John Muirheid is believed, by the Muirhead Clan Society, to have been born on 04 March 1660 at Glasgow, in Lanarkshire, Scotland. Certain researchers claim that he was born later, such as in the year 1678. He was a son of a James Muirhead, possibly the one married to Elspeth Dinne.

  At Long Island, John Muirheid’s port of arrival, he met Rebecca Bailey (variously, Bayless). They married on 22 November 1706. Rebecca was born in the year 1685 at Jamaica, in Queens County, New York. The couple later moved to East Jersey (which was eventually joined with West Jersey to become New Jersey). The John Muirheid family took up residence in Hunterdon County, about a mile from the village of Pennington, where John served as an elder and trustee at the local Presbyterian Church.(4.88)

  Over a period of fifteen years, John and Rebecca gave birth to eight children: Jane, George, John, William, Andrew, Rebecca, Ruth and Elizabeth. (The Muirheid Clan Society database includes two additional children: Hannah and Catharine, both born in the year 1725, the year that Elizabeth was supposed to have been born. Not only is the birth of three children, not triplets to each other, in the same year impossible, the one is believed to have been born in one county and the other two in another county. Apparently, there is some sort of mistake in the information maintained by the society.)

  John Muirheid died in January 1725 and his wife, Rebecca died on 25 December 1759. They were both buried in the Ewing Presbyterian Church graveyard in Hopewell, New Jersey.

  Jane Muirheid, daughter of John and Rebecca Muirheid, was born on 29 August 1710. She married Edward Burrowes, a son of Thomas Burrowes and Mercy Furman, in the year 1731 at Monmouth, New Jersey. Edward was born in the year 1708. They gave birth to: John, born 1732; Anthony, born 1734; Zebulon, born 1736; Edward, born 1738; Hannah, born 1740; Catharine, born 1742; Rebecca, born 1744; and Jane, born 1746.

  Hannah Burrowes, daughter of Edward and Jane Burrowes, married John Moore.

  Catharine Burrowes, daughter of Edward and Jane Burrowes, married Jesse Atchley.

  Rebecca Burrowes, daughter of Edward and Jane Burrowes, married Francis Reed.

  George Muirheid, son of John and Rebecca Muirheid, was born on 01 March 1711. He served in the American Revolutionary War along with four other brothers.

    John Muirheid, son of John and Rebecca Muirheid, was born on 02 May 1713. He married Sarah -----. John started out his adult life as an apprentice to Elias Balies Jr., of Jamaica, New York. The couple gave birth to: John, born 1733; and Susanna, born 1734. John Muirheid served in the American Revolutionary War. According to Alice B. Lewis,

“Included was John who became one of the guides to Washington’s army from the eight mile ferry (now Washington Crossing) to Trenton on the morning of December 26 1776... John Muirheid was personally selected by Washington as a guide because of his familiarity with the roads. This assignment so embittered the British soldiers, who had quartered in and near the Presbyterian Church at Pennington, that sometime afterwards, learning that he was at the old farm home on a short furlough, they determined to capture him. To do so, an officer and two soldiers, mounted on horseback, left Pennington for his home. His friends were apprised in time, so they secreted themselves in a dense woods. This was along the road about a half mile west of Pennington. One of the hidden party was Deacon James Hunt, who shot and killed one of the British soldiers as was later buried there by his comrades. This was after the flight to Pennington and after the hidden squad had retired. It occured within a few days after the Battle of Trenton.” (4.89)

  Whether this event actually took place or not is anyone’s guess; the author did not provide any reference to its source, so it might simply be a tradition. General George Washington, who was noted for writing down everything that occurred during the War in his letters to various friends and associates, never made any mention of employing John Muirheid, or anyone for that matter, to show him the way around New Jersey.

  John Muirheid is believed to have died circa 1763. His estate was administered by George Muirheid, a brother. A son of John’s may be the John listed as a son of William, as noted below.

  William Muirheid, son of John and Rebecca Muirheid, was born on 14 February 1715. He married Mary Smith about the year 1743. The wedding took place in the Cranbury First Presbyterian Church in Middlesex County, New Jersey. Mary was a daughter of Andrew Smith and Sarah Stout, and was born on 20 September 1720 at Hopewell, in Mercer County, New Jersey. William and his wife gave birth to ten sons and one daughter: John, born in 1748; William, born in 1749; Charles, born in 1751; Andrew, born in 1753; Enoch, born in 1755; George, born in 1756; Sara B., born 1758; Daniel, born in 1759; Joseph, born in 1760; Isaac, born in 1762; Henry, born in 1763; and Mary, born in 1765. (Note: The Muirhead Clan Society database gives George’s birthdate as in the year 1746, making him the eldest child in the family. The 1756 date was derived from the book, Muirheid Family Record, by Nola M. Karr.) A couple years after the American Revolutionary War had ended, circa 1786, William Muirheid and the remaining members of his family moved from Loudoun County to Shenandoah County, Virginia. Around 1801 William and his family moved from Shenandoah County to Montgomery County, Virginina. Sarah died on 06 December 1793 at Yadkin River, in Rowan County, North Carolina. William Muirheid died on 16 June 1810 at the age of ninety-four years, four months and thirty days.

  John Muirheid was born circa 1748, ostensibly the son of William and Mary Muirheid. But exactly who John’s biological parents were is a matter of conjecture. He was raised by William and Mary Muirheid, but by his own admission, they were not his biological parents. A pension filed in 1832 by John Muirheid of Monroe, Kentucky stated that he was born in 1750 in New Jersey. He stated that his father had died when he (John) was fourteen years of age. That information correlates with wills in New Jersey. In 1763 a George Muirhead of Middlesex County, New Jersey, was appointed as executor of John Muirhead’s estate. This John Muirhead who died in 1763 was possibly John Muirheid, born 02 May 1713, the son of John and Rebecca Muirheid. It is entirely plausible that following the death of John Muirheid in 1763, his son, John at the age of fourteen, would be taken in by his uncle, William Muirheid. His family had moved to Loudoun County, Virginia prior to September 1775, when he entered the military service. He served in Captain Simon Triplet’s Company.(4.90)

  William Muirheid, son of William and Mary Muirheid, was born in the year 1749 at Wythe, New Jersey. He married Achsah Larison, a daughter of James Larison and Kesiah Parke. Achsah was born in the year 1752 in New Jersey. The family moved to Madison County, Kentucky. There were three children born to William and Achsah: John, born 1777; Mary, born 1779; and Achsah, born 1780.

    John Muirheid, son of William and Achsah Muirheid, married Martha Myers on 18 September 1799 in Loudoun County, Virginia. They gave birth to George, born 1800.

  Mary Muirheid, daughter of William and Achsah Muirheid, married Moses Collier on 06 August 1801 at Madison County, Kentucky. Mary died after 1832.

  Achsah Muirheid, daughter of William and Achsah Muirheid, married David Evans on 28 June 1801 in Madison County, Kentucky. They gave birth to: William; John, born 1802; and Mary, born 1804.

  Mary Evans, daughter of David and Achsah Evans, married Robert Hunkle on 10 September 1830 at Cape Girardeau County, Missouri. Robert was born on 24 December 1806 in Robertson County, Tennessee. Robert died on 02 December 1887.

  Andrew Muirheid, son of William and Mary Muirheid, was born on 20 August 1753. He was married twice. His first wife was Martha Bala, who had been born in 1752. They gave birth to Irena (variously, Irene), Elizabeth Rebecca, Mary, Joseph, James William, Andrew Jr., and William Franklin. Andrew Muirheid was supposed to serve in the army during the American Revolutionary War, but was replaced by his brother, Henry. Henry noted in his application for a pension that Andrew was on the road, under the command of Colonel West, at the time when Henry was returning from a tour of duty to the region of Williamsburg, Virginia. Henry requested that he be allowed to take his brother, Andrew’s place, and so Andrew returned to his home in Loudoun County, Virginia. Henry went on to participate in the fighting at Yorktown, in which the British under General Cornwallis surrendered. Andrew made a living as a cooper, or builder of barrels and other such wooden containers. Martha Muirheid died on 03 March 1806, and on 04 December 1808, Andrew remarried. His second wife was Esther Nicewonder There were no children to the second marriage. In 1812 Andrew purchased a tract of 450 acres on the north side of Peak Creek. Whether he built a house on that property is not known. Esther died in 1839. Before that, Andrew had died intestate on 11 May 1837.

  An estate inventory was made of Andrew’s property on 06 June 1837. The purpose was probably to determine the ‘widow’s share’ a third of the total valuation of the estate. The inventory included a family Bible, a lot of books and pamphlets, a full leaf table, a cupboard, a bureau, a lot of ‘Delph’ ware, a silver French watch, a tea table, a chest, four beds, counterpanes, bedclothes, a looking glass, a dresser and furniture, a table, a coffee mill, shovel, tongs and firedogs, a barrel and some vinegar, one sidesaddle and one man’s saddle, bridle, hatchel, castings, a brass kettle, bucket and tub, pots, chains, loom and appurtenances, 4 weaver’s reeds 20 bushels of oats, 3 bushels of wheat 20 pounds of lard, two tubs and soap, steelyards, wheat fan, cutting box and knife, crockery ware, five bee stands, tools, scythe, mare, cows, calves, steers and yearlings. Andrew Muirheid Jr., was appointed as the estate administrator, and following the valuation of it, payments were made out to James W. Muirhead, James Rankin, James Miller, Elizabeth Muirhead, William Muirhead, Jonathan Spence, Benjamin D. Seacat and James Holmes.(4.91)

  In 1840, after the death of Andrew Muirheid Sr., a tract of land containing 121-1/2 acres on Peak Creek in present-day Pulaski County, Virginia, was sold to William Miller by Andrew Muirheid Jr., and his wife, Martha; James Muirheid and his wife, Mary; Benjamin D. Seacott and his wife, Pamela; and William Muirheid. Although not mentioned in the deed, James and Mary Rankin also were signatories. It was noted as the tract where Andrew Muirheid had died. The same group of heirs had been listed as the grantors of a tract of fifty acres that was sold in 1838 to James W. Muirheid. At that time, William Muirheid was listed as residing in Macon County, Illinois.(4.92)

  Irena Muirheid, daughter of Andrew and Martha Muirheid, was born on 29 June 1774. On 13 December 1796, she married Joshua Atchely Holmes. Joshua was born at Frederick, in Loudoun County, Virginia on 23 April 1775, a son of John Holmes and Mary Atchely. (Note: Mary was a daughter of Enoch Muirheid, Andrew’s brother.) They gave birth to: John, born 23 February 1799; Martha, born 05 December 1801; Bala, born 06 January 1806; Parmelia, born 21 September 1808; James Bala, born 02 November 1810; Mary, born 11 January 1814; and Andrew Jackson, born 18 September 1816. Irena died on 06 June 1818. Joshua died on 18 January 1831 in Montgomery County, Virginia.

  John Holmes, son of Joshua and Irena Holmes, was born on 23 February 1799. He married Elizabeth Miller. She was born on 12 February 1806. John died on 30 March 1845; Elizabeth died on 10 January 1863.

  Martha Holmes, daughter of Joshua and Irena Holmes, was born on 05 December 1801. She died on 05 September 1804.

  Bala Holmes, daughter of Joshua and Irena Holmes, was born on 06 January 1806. She died on 23 March 1810.

    Parmelia Holmes, daughter of Joshua and Irena Holmes, was born on 21 September 1808. She married Benjamin Devane Seacatt on 21 February 1833 in Montgomery County, Virginia. Benjamin was a son of Philip Seacatt and Elizabeth Stanbach. He was born on 12 June 1810 in Botetourt County, Virginia. The couple gave birth to: Mary E., born 04 December 1833 and died 13 November 1902; Matilda, born 07 January 1836 and died 03 November 1908; Virginia Z., born 04 October 1841 and died 12 March 1923; Josephine R., born 10 May 1844 and died 30 June 1920; Sallie J., born 09 June 1846 and died 15 March 1923; George W., born 26 February 1847 and died 13 June 1920; Charles C., born 29 July 1851 and died 18 July 1925; James Bishop, born 21 March 1853 and died 31 March 1925; and Isabella, born 28 February 1855 and died 27 March 1907. Benjamin died on 30 March 1883 in Russell County, Virginia.

  James Bala Holmes, son of Joshua and Irena Holmes, was born on 02 November 1810. He married Mary Kirk. She was born on 06 August 1816. James died on 26 March 1872; Mary died on 23 May 1895.

  Mary Holmes, daughter of Joshua and Irena Holmes, was born on 11 January 1814. She married Jonathan Spence. Mary died on 16 April 1899.

  Andrew Jackson Holmes, son of Joshua and Irena Holmes, was born on 18 September 1816. He married Matilda Bruner, who had been born on 23 June 1820. (The Muirhead Clan Society database gives her name as Marilda.) Andrew died on 15 May 1894. Matilda died on 19 March 1855.

  William Franklin Muirheid, son of Andrew and Martha Muirheid, was born on 09 June 1777. He married Mary Selser on 16 August,1799, and they brought five children into the world: Elizabeth, born 1802; Andrew Selser, born 12 August 1804; Martha, born 14 April 1806; Mary, born 17 July 1808; and Nancy, born 19 July 1810. Mary was a daughter of Henry Selser, born in the year 1779. William Franklin died on 19 December 1840. Mary died in 1846.

    Elizabeth Muirheid, daughter of William Franklin and Mary Muirheid, married Thomas Strain on 15 February 1832 in Macon County, Illinois. Thomas was born in 1800. They gave birth to: William A., born in 1833; James H., born in 1838; Monroe, born in 1840; and Charles Jefferson, born in 1844.

  Andrew Selser Muirheid, son of William Franklin and Mary Muirheid, and sometimes referred to as ‘Andrew of Wythe’, was married three times: first, on 12 May 1825, to Nancy Godby, who was born in 1805 and died prior to 1832, secondly to May Cox on 14 February 1832 at Macon, Illinois, and thirdly to Mary Hanks. Nancy Gody was a daughter of Francis Godby and was born in the year 1805 in Maryland. May Cox was born in 1804 and died at some time after 02 September 1850. Mary Hanks was born in the year 1810 at Elizabethtown, Kentucky. She was a relative to Nancy Hanks, the mother of Abraham Lincoln. Nancy had been married first to Abraham Miller, by whom she had a couple children. With Nancy, Andrew gave birth to one child: William Floyd, born 21 July 1826. With May, Andrew gave birth to: Jefferson G., born 1833; James Ephriam, born 1835; Elizabeth, born 1835; and Eliza, born 1846. Andrew and his third wife, Mary, did not bear any children.

  William Floyd Muirheid, son of Andrew and Nancy Muirheid, was born on 21 July 1826. (According to some researchers, his middle name was Franklin.) He married Margaret Jane Hill on 19 September 1850 at Blue Mound, in Macon County, Illinois. She was born on 04 March 1834 at Decatur, in Macon County. Margaret was a daughter of Francis Hill and Rachel Wilson. They gave birth to thirteen children: Francis Marion, born 26 August 1851 and died 25 December 1851; John Wesley, born on 25 February 1853 and died 29 June 1854; William Andrew, born on 15 July 1854 and died 17 July 1855; Mary Jane, born on 06 November 1855; Anna Mariah, born on 28 April 1857; James Franklin, born on 12 January 1859; Louisa Caroline, born on 16 July 1863; Robert Porter, born on 10 July 1865; Lewis Emanuel, born on 23 March 1867; Silas Benjamin, born on 26 September 1868; Nancy Alice, born on 21 March 1870; Charles Herschel, born on 09 December 1871; and Albert Elwin, born on 26 July 1876. William died on 21 January 1897 at Blue Mound. Margaret Jane died on 28 February 1898 at Elwin, in Macon County, Illinois.

    Mary Jane Muirheid, daughter of William and Margaret Jane Muirheid, married John Henry Miller on 28 December 1881. John was born in August 1841 in Illinois. Mary Jane worked as a school teacher. The couple gave birth to one daughter: Minnie T., born in August 1877. Mary Jane died on 21 December 1928.

  Anna Mariah Muirheid, daughter of William and Margaret Jane Muirheid, married James William Ledbetter on 23 February 1885. James was born at Decatur, in Macon County, Illinois on 08 April 1859. James and Anna gave birth to: Harrison, born 26 June 1888; Robert, born 1890; Hazel, born March 1893; William M., born December 1894; Merle, born June 1897; James E., born April 1898; and Marion Carl, born 22 August 1899. Anna died on 16 May 1934.

  Marion Carl Ledbetter, son of James and Anna Lednetter, married Helen Smalley.

  James Franklin Muirheid, son of William and Margaret Jane Muirheid, married Rosa Alice Baker on 16 March 1882 at Arkansas City, in Cowley County, Kansas. Rosa was born on 22 September 1858 in Montgomery County, Illinois. She was a daughter of George Q. Baker and Sarah Carmean. James and Rosa initially took up residence a few miles southwest of Decatur, Macon County, Illinois. According to Nola M. Karr, after living there for three years, James moved his family to a forty acre farm two miles southeast of Boody, Illinois. He owned two horses, one of which was diagnosed as having a very infectious disease known as glanders. The horses and their trappings had to be killed and burned. James (and Rosa) had taught school in earlier years, and so now, with his livelihood threatenned, James decided to go back into teaching. He taught school for two years, and then rented a 240 acre farm. James moved to a farm five miles southwest of Harristown, Illinois. They stayed there for twenty years. In December of 1907, The family moved to Oklahoma and gave birth to: George Baker, born 28 April 1883; Dottie Rose, born 25 November 1884; Margaret, born 12 October 1886; William Franklin, born 06 September 1890; Nina, born 03 July 1893; and Rose, born 31 January 1900. Rosa died on 03 April 1900 at Harristown, in Macon County, Illinois. In 1902, James married Fanny A. Madison. Fanny was born circa 1866 in Illinois. James and Fanny gave birth to: James Madison, born 23 February 1903; Jeanette, born 11 November 1905, and died 21 May 1911; and Frances, born 06 January 1906. James Franklin died on 19 January 1931 at New Kirk in Kay County, Oklahoma.

  George Baker Muirheid, son of James Franklin and Rosa Muirheid, married Hettie May Austin on 07 December 1907. Hettie was the daughter of Benjamin F. Austin and Amanda Biggs, and was born on 20 March 1884 in Christian County, Illinois. The couple gave birth to: Benjamin Austin, born 19 August 1908; George Glenn, born 01 April 1910; Donald Franklin, born 08 June 1912; and Julia May, born 10 July 1920. The couple started out farming, and in 1935 George was elected as a township committeeman for the A.A.A. Then, for about twenty-three years, he was associated in some way with the administration of the farm program in Christian County. For four years, George served as an assistant supervisor of land measurements. George died on 08 November 1965 at Blue Mound, Illinois. Hettie died on 14 April 1965.

  Benjamin Austin Muirheid, son of George and Hettie May Muirheid, married Gwendolyn Allison on 28 March 1942. She was a daughter of Ora Allison and Ida Traughber, born on 16 April 1910. The couple gave birth to: Donna Jean, born 09 July 1944 at Springfield, Illinois.

    Donna Jean Muirheid, daughter of Benjamin and Gwendolyn Muirheid, married Richard Spencer on 28 March 1965. Richard was born on 16 January 1945, a son of Ronald Spencer and Norma Smith. The couple gave birth to: Lynette Renee, born 12 March 1969; James Merrill, born 18 December 1974; and Curtis Wade, born 29 January 1979. Donna died on 16 September 1979.

  George Glenn Muirheid, son of George and Hettie May Muirheid, married Delphine Dummermuth on 14 April 1938 at Mt Auburn, Illinois. Delphine was born on 12 July 1912. She was a daughter of Edward Dummermuth and Edna Afterhite. The couple gave birth to: Nancy Kay, born 13 March 1940; and Max Eugene, born 18 July 1943.

    Max Eugene Muirheid, son of George and Delphine Muirheid, married Linda Miller on 20 June 1965 at Decatur, Illinois. Linda was born on 13 June 1943, a daughter of Frank Miller and LaVerne Williams. They gave birth to: Lisa Lynn, born 27 October 1966; Melissa Elizabeth, born 30 December 1979; and Molly Erin, born 01 October 1981.

  Donald Franklin Muirheid, son of George and Hettie May Muirheid, was married twice. His first marriage was to Matilda Ellen Cornthwaite on 23 August 1933. Matilda was a daughter of Edward Cornthwaite and Minnie Otta and was born on 24 December 1912 at Wheatland, Illinois. Donald and Matilda gave birth to: Anita Jane, born 13 July 1934; Gayle Elaine, born 12 April 1937; and George Edward, born 13 August 1941. Matilda died on 25 May 1981. Donald’s second marriage was to Pauline Sprauge Talbert on 13 June 1982. Donald made a living as a farmer.

  Anita Jane Muirheid, daughter of Donald and Matilda Muirheid, married Richard Leroy Burge on 06 September 1953. He was a son of Robert M. Burge and Anna E. Martin. Richard and Anita gave birth to: Alan Lee, born 01 February 1955 and died 13 August 1972; Donald Robert, born 03 September 1956; and David Lynn, born 18 May 1958.

    Donald Robert Burge, son of Richard and Anita Burge, married Patricia Jean Walker on 28 May 1979. Patricia was a daughter of William C. Walker and Sarah E. Mattingly; she was born on 08 September 1957 at Decatur, Illinois. The couple gave birth to: Jason Bradley, born 29 July 1982; Monica Elaine, born 02 April 1984; Mary Kathrynn, born 04 December 1986; and -----.

    David Lynn Burge, son of Richard and Anita Burge, married Marla Jo Durbin on 11 June 1983. She was born on 07 April 1963, a daughter of Kenneth D. Durbin and Martha Bauer. The couple gave birth to: Jennica Leigh, born 04 July 1986.

  Gayle Elaine Muirheid, daughter of Donald and Matilda Muirheid, married George Huffman on 10 June 1962. George was a son of Carl Herbert Huffman and Carolyn Richardson. The couple gave birth to: Julie Ellen, born 24 December 1962; and Linda Jane, born 17 April 1964.

  Julie Ellen Huffman, daughter of George and Gayle Huffman, married James Todd Boggess on 23 August 1986 at Rolling Meadows, Illinois. James was a son of Jerry Boggess and Shirley Avery.

    George Edward Muirheid, son of Donald and Matilda Muirheid, married Sandra Tilton on 18 August 1963. Sandra was born on 31 August 1945, a daughter of Theodore C. Tilton and Kathryn Butler. George and Sandra gave birth to a son: Mathew Lee, born 20 April 1968; and adopted a daughter: Marcy Lee, born 09 March 1971.

  Julia May Muirheid, daughter of George and Hettie May Muirheid, married Bernard Armstrong, a son of Fred Armstrong and Zelda Baum on 25 March 1956. Bernard was born on 28 February 1909 at Champaign, Illinois. The couple gave birth to: Jay Bernard, born 01 April 1957; Ronald Lee, born 10 June 1959; and Mark Dean, born 14 April 1964. They also raised Bernard’s daughter by Edith Stater: Kay Ellen, born 23 January 1950. Fred served in the US Navy during the Second World War, and also as a Chief Petty Officer in the Seabees at Hawaii and the South Pacific. After the war, Fred operated a business with his brother under the name of Armstrong Brothers Building and Supplies. It later was incorporated as Armstrong Brothers Cash And Carry Lumber Yard at Streator, Illinois. Bernard died on 20 January 1977 at Streator, Illinois.

    Jay Bernard Armstrong, son of Bernard and Julia May Armstrong, married Janice Wiggett on 09 May 1980. Janice was a daughter of Phil and Dorothy Wiggett. Jay and Janice gave birth to: Angela Marie, born 24 April 1982; and David Michael, born 27 January 1984.

    Ronald Lee Armstrong, son of Bernard and Julia May Armstrong, married Ginger Zmia on 05 May 1990. They gave birth to: Leigh Ann, born 25 October 1984; and Tony, born 07 June 1988.

  Kay Ellen Armstrong, daughter of Bernard and Edith Armstrong, married Fred Gaydos on 01 August 1981. Fred was born on 27 June 1954, a son of Stephen Gaydos and Betty Dickey.

  Dottie Rose Muirheid, daughter of James Franklin and Rosa Muirheid, married Frank Karr on 05 November 1908. Their marriage took place at Harristown, Illinois. Frank was born on 23 May 1878, at DeWitt County, Illinois, the son of William Shirley Karr and Hannah Cunningham. Frank and Dottie gave birth to fifteen children: William Shirley, born 04 August 1909; Charles Herbert, born 11 August 1910; Wilbur Edwin, born 04 September 1911; Floyd Franklin, born 06 February 1913; Raymond Willis, born 31 May 1914; Alice Louise, born 16 November 1915; Robert Emmett, born 16 June 1917; John Mayo, born 13 January 1919; Henry, born 14 February 1920 and died 21 February 1920; Frank, born and died 14 April 1921; Nell, a twin to Frank, who was also born and died on 14 April 1921; Nola May, born 09 July 1923; Thomas Marion, born 23 May 1926; Calvin Baker, born 08 December 1927; and Francis Eugene, born 17 February 1931. In 1902, when her father remarried, Dottie went to her aunt, Nina Green’s home at Long Creek, Illinois. That was the first of a number of moves she made to live with various relatives. On 15 September 1904, Dottie was accepted into Nurses Training at the Kelso Sanitorium at Bloomington, Illinois. She graduated on 15 October 1906, and did private nursing for two years. She met and married Frank Karr on 05 November 1908. They moved in with Frank’s uncle, William Cunningham, where they lived until 1938. After William Cunnungham died, the property was bought at public auction by Joe Short, but he let Frank and Dottie stay there by renting from him. In 1938, Joe’s son, Dudley, wanted the property, and so Frank and Dottie had to move. They found a house a few miles west, near Long Point Cemetery. Frank made a living as a farmer, ditch digger, and he also ran a thrashing business. He also became involved with local community affairs by serving as Road Commissioner for Wilson Township for seven years, and for Wapella Township for four years. He also served as a school director for a number of years. Dottie Rose died on 15 November 1941. Frank died on 28 April 1962, at the age of eighty-four, as the result of hardening of the arteries.

  William Shirley Karr, son of Frank and Dottie Karr, married Frances Elizabeth Holmes. William served in the US Army Air Corps and was an aerial photographer for a period of time. After his service, he got employment at Lansing working for the C&J Commercial Driveaway, Inc. In December of 1934 William obtained a job at the Abrams Aerial Survey Corp., and eventually moved up the ladder to become the company’s Director. He helped in organizing the Abrams Instrument Corporation in 1940 and became its General Manager. He died on 20 August 1985 at Lansing, Michigan. Additional information about William Shirley Karr can be found in the section titled: Our Enterprising Kinfolk.

  Charles Herbert Karr, son of Frank and Dottie Karr, married Margaret Elizabeth Summers on 28 January 1934 at Wapella, Illinois. Margaret was a daughter of Edward Summers and Nellie Craft, and was born on 26 August 1916 in DeWitt County, Illinois. Charles and Margaret gave birth to: Marjorie Ellen, born 29 July 1935; Caroline Jane, born 29 April 1940; Ronald Herbert, born 02 August 1943; and Donald Leon, born 02 March 1951. Margaret died in August 1986 at Chenoa, Illinois.

  Marjorie Ellen Karr, daughter of Charles and Margaret Karr, married Marquis Harold Burris. Marquis as a son of Marquis Burris and Billie Stone, on 24 September 1956. The couple gave birth to: Wanda Sue, born 14 September 1956; Dorita Kay, born 16 July 1958; and Patty Jo, born 14 March 1965.

    Wanda Sue Burris, daughter of Marquis and Marjorie Burris, married Francis Brady on 18 April 1975. Francis was born on 03 October 1956, a son of Francis M., and Barbara Brady. The couple gave birth to: Terry Allan, born 07 November 1975. Francis and Wanda got divorced on 10 December 1980, and Wanda married Howard David Preston on 20 March 1981. Howard was born on 16 August 1957, a son of Howard Dale Preston and Mary Berry. Howard and Wanda gave birth to: Wendy Elizabeth, born 20 May 1988.

    Dorita Kay Burris, daughter of Marquis and Marjorie Burris, married Ray Taylo on 08 November 1980. They subsequently divorced, and Dorita gave birth to a son: Jacob Tyler, on 30 January 1989 to a man by the name of Bumgartner (variously, Baumgartner).

    Patty Jo Burris, daughter of Marquis and Marjorie Burris, married Larry Thacker on 12 September 1987. They gave birth to: Mollie, born 31 May 1984.

  Caroline Jane Karr, daughter of Charles and Margaret Karr, married Delmar Martin. Delmar was a son of Danel Martin and Violet Bryan. The couple gave birth to: David Lee, born 27 May 1960; and Carl Dean, born 22 December 1962.

    Carl Dean Martin, son of Delmar and Caroline Martin, married Angie McHenry on 23 May 1982 at Arrowsmith, Illinois. Angie was born on 09 April 1966 in Ash County, North Carolina. She was a daughter of Gary McHenry and Sue Campbell. Carl and Angie gave birth to: Adam Jon, born 03 July 1982; Travis James, born 19 November 1983; Jeremy Carl, born 21 June 1985; Kaitlyn Joellyn, born 03 July 1986; and Hannah Joy, born 08 December 1987.

    Ronald Herbert Karr, son of Charles and Margaret Karr, married Linda -----. They gave birth to: Dawn Rene, born 29 December 1971; Heather Marie, born 16 June 1975; and Jean Michael, born 26 August 1981.

    Donald Leon Karr, son of Charles and Margaret Karr, married Julie Sykes on 09 November 1976. They gave birth to: John Lee, born 19 December 1980; Rachel Nicole, born 09 July 1982; and Christopher Wane Hale.

  Wilbur Edwin Karr, son of Frank and Dottie Karr, married Ruby Morgan on 06 September 1946 in Texas. Ruby was born on 24 October 1905 at Ginger, in Raines County, Texas. Wilbur died on 21 October 1989 at San Antonio, Texas. Ruby died on 25 December 1985 at San Antonio.

  Floyd Franklin Karr, son of Frank and Dottie Karr, married Helen Kraft on 17 September 1935. She was born on 09 March 1918, a daughter of Samuel Kraft and Myrtle Hendrix. Floyd and Helen gave birth to: Rose Ann, born 14 August 1940; Floyd Ronald, born 17 October 1945; and Rhonda Kay, born 08 April 1955.

  Rose Ann Karr, daughter of Floyd and Helen Karr, married John L. Gundry on 17 August 1957 at Lansing, Michigan. John was born on 28 June 1926 at Chicago, Illinois. He was a son of G.L. Gundry and Helen Chappel. John and Rose Ann gave birth to: Sally May, born 28 May 1958; Kirt Lee, born 15 May 1959; and John Russell, born 16 September 1960. John and Rose Ann got a divorce, and on 22 May 1967, Rose Ann married James Stephens. James was born on 30 May 1937, a son of Clyde and Eunice Stephens. James and Rose Ann gave birth to: Staci Leah, born 05 August 1970. James and Rose Ann also got divorced.