A man by the name of Peter Muirhead married Marion Neilson on 24 October 1790 at Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland.(3.38) They gave birth to one child: a son, Thomas, born on 15 July 1792.

  Thomas Muirhead, son of Peter and Marion Muirhead, married Margaret Gillespie on 20 January 1818 at Falkirk. Margaret was born on 24 March 1793, a daughter of Alexander Gillespie and Margaret Neilson. The couple gave birth to six children: Peter, born 05 May 1818; Margaret Neilson, born 05 August 1819; Alexander, born 05 December 1819; Janet, born 18 February 1822; Thomas Jr., born 09 August 1829; and Robert, born 23 November 1831.

  Margaret Neilson Muirhead, daughter of Thomas and Margaret Muirhead, married William Smith on 21 April 1836 at Falkirk.

  Janet Muirhead, daughter of Thomas and Margaret Muirhead, married Matthew Gentles on 20 May 1845 at Falkirk. Matthew was born circa 1820.

  Thomas Muirhead Jr., son of Thomas and Margaret Muirhead, married Margaret Jane Shaw on 04 October 1867 at Falkirk. They gave birth to a daughter: Margaret Gillespie, born 30 June 1864.

  Margaret Gillespie Muirhead, daughter of Thomas Jr., and Margaret Jane Muirhead, married Thomas Henry Parkins at some time prior to 1888. Thomas was born circa September 1862 at Ireland. The couple’s first child, Catherine A., was born circa 1888 at Hampshire, Eastney, England. Thomas and Margaret gave birth to two other children: Margaret J. S., born circa 1890 at Hampshire, England; and Mary Gladstone, born 20 May 1898 at Bedford, England.

    Mary Gladstone Parkins, daughter of Thomas and Margaret Parkins, married Henry Parkes. Henry was born circa March 1898 at Plympton, St Mary, England, a son of Joseph Parkes. The couple gave birth to: Henry Jr., Margaret, and Douglas.

  Robert Muirhead, son of Thomas and Margaret Muirhead, married Margaret Parliand on 22 June 1851 at Falkirk.


3.38     The information for this section on the life of Peter Muirhead of Falkirk and his descendants was derived primarily from the website: The Rook Family at the URL address: http://rook.1accesshost.com/rook/wc_toc.htm