David Muirhead was born circa the year 1901 at Kirkpatrick Juxta, in Dumfrieshire.(3.20) He married Grace Little. Grace was born circa the year 1906 at Kirkpatrick Juxta, a daughter of William Little and Jane Anderson. The couple gave birth to one son: Samuel. He was born circa 1930. It is believed that both, David and Grace died on 18 January 1973.

  The son of David and Grace, Samuel Muirhead, died on 22 January 1982.


3.20     The information for this section on the life of David Muirhead of Dumfrieshire and his descendants was derived from the research performed by C.M. Houston and published on the website: All Interesting Family Trees, at the URL: http://www.chouston.f2s.com/Alltrees/alltrees.html.