Alexander Muirhead was born circa 1711 at Dunipace, in Stirlingshire, Scotland.(3.17) On 17 December 1736, Alexander married Margaret Bullock. Margaret was born circa 1715 at Dunipace. The couple gave birth to: John, born May 1738; Robert, born September 1743; Margaret, born February 1745; John (second of that name), born October 1748; Alexander Jr., born September 1751; Elizabeth, born February 1755; and William, born 1758.

  The eldest son, John, born in May 1738 might very well be the John Muirhead who married Agnes Whitehead and settled in Stirlingshire. (See the section titled John Muirhead Of Stirlingshire.)

    Alexander Muirhead Jr., son of Alexander and Margaret Muirhead, is believed to have married a woman named Margaret Bullock, just like his mother. Their marriage took place circa 1780 at Dunipace. This Margaret’s birthdate was circa 1761. The couple gave birth to: William, born 19 January 1781; William (a second son of that name), born 26 September 1782; Elizabeth, born 26 September 1782; and Alexander, born January 1784.

  William Muirhead, son of Alexander and Margaret Muirhead, married Agnes Stirling. She was born circa 1750 at Dunipace. The couple gave birth to: Margaret, born 02 December 1777; Robert, born October 1782; Elizabeth, born 21 January 1784; Agnes, born 12 June 1786; William Jr., born 28 March 1788; Robert, born 21 January 1790; and Angelina, born 04 January 1793.

  Angelina Muirhead, daughter of William and Agnes Muirhead, married John Houston on 23 Januray 1813 at Dunipace. John was born circa 1789 at Glasgow, Scotland. John and Angelina gave birth to: Agnes, born 04 July 1813; Margaret, born 09 February 1815; Isobella, Margaret’s twin; Robert Muirhead, born 12 September 1817; Alexander Muirhead, born 16 April 1821; John Angelina, born 26 April 1824; and William, born 26 February 1827.

  Alexander Muirhead Houston, son of John and Angelina Houston, married Susanna Brough Clow on 26 May 1841 at Abbey, Paisley, in Renfrewshire, Scotland. Susanna was born on 14 January 1819 at Edenkill, Strathblane, in Stirlingshire, Scotland. She was a daughter of Robert Clow and Sussana Johnstone. Alexander and Susanna gave birth to: Susanna, born 03 September 1843; Angelina Muirhead, born 07 April 1846; Margaret, born 09 December 1849; Pheobe Wilhelmina, born 03 January 1852; Agnes, born 14 April 1853; John, born 14 June 1854; Isabella, born 03 June 1856; Robert, Isabella’s twin, born 03 June 1856; and Jeannie (variously, Jemima) Gray, born 07 November 1859. The eldest child, Susanna, was born at Kingston, in Ontario, Canada. The daughters, Pheobe Wilhelmina and Jeannie Gray, were born at New Monkland, Caldervale, in Lanarkshire, while the rest of the children were born at Roebank, Lochwinnoch, in Renfrewshire. Susanna died on 06 March 1878 at Airdie, in Lanarkshire, Scotland. Alexander died on 24 March 1892 at Airdie.

    Susanna (variously, Susan) Houston, daughter of Alexander and Susanna Houston, married John Miller Thomson on 11 June 1872 at New Monkland, in Lanarkshire. John was born in 1845 at New Monkland. The couple gave birth to: Jessie Miller, born 1875; and James, born 1878.

    Angelina Muirhead Houston, daughter of Alexander and Susanna Houston, married James Weddell on 06 June 1871 at New Monkland, in Lanarkshire. James was born in the year 1836 at Cambusnethan, in Lanarkshire, Scotland. The couple took up residence at Bothwell, in Lanarkshire, where they gave birth to: John Gray, born 1872; Susan Houston, born 1874; Alexander Houston, born 1876; James Wilkie, born 1878; and Marion Wilkie, born 1881.

  John Houston, son of Alexander and Susanna Houston, married Margaret Hosie Gray at some time after 1881. Margaret was born in the year 1853 in America. She was the daughter of John Gray and Jane Clow. John and Margaret gave birth to: Alexander Gray Muirhead, born 18 January 1890; and Jean Gray, born 24 December 1892.

  Jean Gray Houston, daughter of John and Margaret Houston, married Austin O’Malley. He was born circa 1890 at Coatbridge, in Lanarkshire, Scotland. Austin and Jean emigrated to Australia, where they both died.

    Robert Houston, son of Alexander and Susanna Houston, married Elizabeth Sloan at New Monkland in the year 1881. Elizabeth was born in 1859, the daughter of ----- and Agnes Sloan. The couple gave birth to: Alexander, born 1882; Walter, born 1884; Jessie, born 1886; Susan, born 1888; Elizabeth, born 1890; and Angela, born 1892.

    John Angelina Houston, son of John and Angelina Houston, married Mary Perry on 03 June 1845 at Abbey, Paisley, in Renfrewshire. Mary was born in 1827 at Paisley.The couple gave birth to: John, born 1844; Martha Todd, born 12 October 1848; Alexander Muirhead, born 31 May 1851; James, born 02 April 1854; and Mary Ann, born 16 October 1856. Mary Ann gave birth to a son: Robert Foster Houston on 08 February 1874.


3.17     The information for this section on the life of Alexander Muirhead of Stirling and his descendants was derived from the research performed by C.M. Houston and published on the website: All Interesting Family Trees, at the URL: