The Stone of Destiny (variously The Stone of Scone)
~ Source unknown.

  An interesting footnote to Roland Eugene Muirhead’s story is that it is believed by some that he was the mastermind behind the stealing of the Stone of Destiny from beneath the throne in Westminster Abby in London, and the smuggling of it to Arbroath Abby in Scotland in 1950. Roland E. Muirhead was not actually involved in the incident, but had suggested that the deed be done some years earlier. According to Magnus Magnusson in his book, Scotland – The Story Of A Nation, “He (Ian Hamilton) knew that this was not the first time the idea of recovering the Stone of Destiny had been mooted; it had been suggested many years earlier by R.E. Muirhead, from Bridge of Weir, the organiser and financier of the National Party of Scotland.”(2.60)

  To understand what the incident meant to the Scottish people, and by coincidence, Roland Eugene Muirhead’s role in it, we should take a look at the history of the object which is known variously as the Stone of Destiny.(2.61)