8) Margaret Muirhead ~ John Hamilton of Udstoun

{Nisbet p 265} This Laird of Lachop, by Janet Hamilton his Wife, Daughter to Bothwelhaugh, had a Daughter Margaret, who was married to John Hamilton of Udƒtoun (f), of whom there iƒƒed a numerous Progeny, which diffuƒed thro’ all Clydƒdale, in Relations; for, from this Marriage ƒprang the Hamiltons of Udƒtoun, the Hamiltons of Barncluth, and the Lord Belhaven, the Hamiltons of Roƒehall and Wiƒhaw, &c...
(Nisbet’s note #f) Charter to them in the Regiƒters in 1593.
{Morehead p 8} The will of Margaret (Cunninghame), wife of James Muirhead of Lauchope was recorded in the Edinburgh Testament, Vol. 32: A daughter, Margaret... are mentioned in it.
{Note: Additional information on the descendants of the John and Margaret (Muirhead) Hamilton family was obtained from John R. Hamilton’s website at the URL address: http://www.mindspring.com/~johnrhamilton/FamilyTree/. Individual references will not be included for each person in the following.}