10) James Muirhead ~ Helen Lindsay

{Nisbet p 266} JAMES MUIRHEAD of Lachop, his Son, was married with Lady Jean Dalziel,... by whom he had ƒeveral Children; James the eldeƒt he conceived a Prejudice againƒt... He married a Daughter of Patrick Lindƒay, Archibishop of Glaƒgow;... {Research performed by Diane Baptie, Member of ASGRA, 2002} According to information provided in the book, Parliaments of Scotland, edited by Margaret D. Young, James Muirhead ‘younger of Lachop’ who was the eldest son of Sir James Muirhead of Lachop who had ‘succeeded his father in the estates 12 February, 1624’, had a charter of the lands of Craigtoun on 10 March, 1632, and was thereafter occasionally designated James Muirhead of Craigtoun. {Morehead p 18} According to an entry on page 259 of Volume X of the Edinburgh Register, dated 25 February, 1654, a charter was confirmed by the Protector ‘granted by Sir James Muirheid of Laughap Knight, with the consent of Dame Marie Dalyell his spouse, James Muirheid of Craigtowne his eldest lawful son and apparent heir...’